Kugelhopf – savoury ring bread

Savoury Kugelhopf

Savoury Kugelhopf

Time seems to rush by always. So much so that we hardly manage enough time to see smiles on the face of our near and dear ones. But sometimes, you wish to capture some of those moments, eternalise those smiles. Sometimes, you just sit by and relax and let the smiles take over anything else you do. This post is a classic example of how my life is at the moment. Seemingly, picturesque, nice, romantic, slow and full of juice, but in reality, everything seems to be a haze. But yesterday, i decided to just let my hair down and enjoy the smiles all  around me. My little one giggling with laughter, playing with his older cousin, my nephew. Captured in my heart. That moment is frozen. 

Savoury kugelhopf

And in the midst of all the giggling and laughter, my nephew asks, “Chitti (aunty), can I eat that round bread you made in the afternoon? It smells so good. A smile on my face. Don’t know if anyone captured it, but I will probably remember my first Kugelhopf all my life. My cute 6-year-old nephew ate 3 slices in all. The rest were polished off by the rest of the family – hubby, BIL, co-sis, MIL and self. Couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday evening!

If you’d like some smiles to warm up your evening, try baking this bread.For more on the bread or the recipe, you could take a look here, here or here.

Bad lighting, good bread: Savoury kugelhopf

Bad lighting, good bread: Savoury kugelhopf

This post is for Day 11 of the A-Z series Blogging Marathon for the month of Sept. Alphabet – K, Theme – Baking. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 32


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20 thoughts on “Kugelhopf – savoury ring bread

  1. That’s nice to know you had a relaxing evening, enjoying with family..most times I too feel the same..that time simply passes off so quickly that one never has time to savour the moment…Very nice bread..I won’t even try pronouncing it..:)..however since the time I saw this circulating the blogsphere..have been thinking of making it..

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