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Amrud sharbat/Guava sherbet


There are those crazy weeks – you decide ALL the wardrobes could all do with an internal facelift, the whole kitchen deserves rearranging, furniture be swapped  between the bedrooms, that big coffee table that’s occupying more space than serving any real purpose could actually be thrown out of the house and that it was high-time you found a good place to keep all of your kiddo’s toys, than random boxes here and there and generally strewn around the house. And which person in their sane mind would undertake all of this a couple of days before a major family function is in the offing? Yours truly, of course!

This was my state the whole of last week. And as if that wasn’t enough, I decided it was now-or-never with my blogging. After all, it is interesting to add some fun to the overall chaos that rules your life, right? But really, it was the need to cool down some something refreshing that seeded the idea of getting back to blogging. I remembered the first recipe in a Sanjeev Kapoor Sanjeev Kapoor cookbook that a friend had sent a couple of months ago – Amrud ka sharbat. Had the name been in English, I’d have probably not even read through it. But I grew up in the Hindi hinterland of Delhi, with an amrud (guava) tree in the backyard, and summers meant climbing up the tree and picking as many amrud that monkeys had left untouched. And i was itching to make it for quite sometime.



And boy was I glad I didn’t give this recipe a miss! Somehow, Amrud isn’t something I’d associate with sharbat. I always thought it best eating the quartered fruit generously sprinkled with red chilli powder and kala namak (black salt). But the sharbat wasn’t way off in the flavour profile. In place of red chilli powder, it has ginger for the heat and chaat masala to amp up the tang. At home, I’m the only one who really relishes guavas, so I always buy it in ones and twos. But I went ahead and bought six large ones, two to chomp down on and the rest for the sharbat. Here’s the recipe for all the guava lovers out there!

Amrud ka sherbet


Amrud – 4 large*

Sugar – ¼ cup

Ginger – 2 inches, grated

Chaat masala – 2 tsp

*the recipe was for two large, I doubled the guavas, but kept the rest of the ingredients the same



Dice the guavas and boil with the sugar in a heavy-bottomed, non-reactive pan till the fruit softens

Remove from heat and cool completely

Then blend to a puree along with the ginger and chaat masala

Strain to remove seeds

To serve, pour puree to fill half of each glass and top with cold water


This joins the July Week 4 of Cooking from Cookbook Challenge hosted by Valli who blogs at Cooking 4 All Seasons 

3 thoughts on “Amrud sharbat/Guava sherbet

  1. good to see u back , Nandini :-)) never mind the wardrobes for now, this looks like I would LOVE ! I love Amrud (and the name too). have had this with the red/pink variety and that was delicious too :))

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