Festivals are special times. All of us crave those goodies that our mothers prepare so lovingly for us. Often, we lend them a helping hand (more often, a helping mouth!). Why not try to create (actually, recreate!) some of those dishes this festive season? Here are some of my successful attempts. Do try them and let me know how they turned out for you. If you prepare any of these differently than I do, please tell me your version too : I’ll give yours a shot and share it here! Also tell me your family’s favourites, little festive tricks and tips that I might try. This is by no means an exhaustive selection, it is tiny really. But I’m learning and willing to learn more. Join me in this culinary adventure!


Peanut & Millet Laddus stuffed with dry fruits

millet and peanut laddu

We made these for Diwali and they were a super duper hit, even with my little 2-year old kid. And they’re healthy to boot

Dry Fruit & Nut Roll

Want to try preparing a sweet to wow your guests? This looks as good as store-bought sweets and isn’t too difficult to prepare either. Just it this Diwali.

Dry Fruit Palkova

On its own, the palkova is quite a treat. Occassionally, we dressh up the palkova with dry fruits and nuts making it even better. A truly festive dish

Stuffed Rasgulla (with Demerara Sugar) for Diwali

Try these Rasgullas with a twist. With demerara ie. unpolished cane sugar (light brown in colcour) instead of the refined white variety, these rasgullas look pretty and taste good too.

Thengai-Arisi Payasam/Coconut-Rice Kheer


This rich payasam/Kheer is good for any occassion or festival that you want to make special.

Special Rice Kheer/Payasam – Vaibhav Lakshmi Udyapan Special

My neighbour prepares this Kheer on festive occassions. Rice kheer/payasam is one of the commonest sweet dishes around. This kheer takes on a special taste and flavour from her unique mix of spices and the slow cooking on low heat over an hour. Be prepared when you try this though – your guests will ask for second servings for sure!

Maa Laadu with Figs and Cinnamon: Laddus Made with Roasted Gram

Figs Maa Laadu/Roasted Gram Laddu with Figs

To be truthful, maa laadu isn’t one of my favourite sweets. In fact, I prepared as part of a blogging challenge that I had undertaken. But the addition of dried figs and cinnamon made it altogether different and unique. Try giving your laddus and other traditional sweetmeats a twist of this sort.

Mangai Pachadi/Raw Mango Preserve


The Tamil New Year isn’t a proper new year if not for this Mangai Pachadi, especially with fresh neem flowers

Thattai – baked & fried


Who’d have thought these lovely fried rice disks synonymous with Janmashtami could be baked! But they can be, and successfully so

Karthigai Pori urundai




One very important dish prepared during the Rama Navami festival that usually falls on April 14



Literally meaning 5 Nectars, it is not for not for nothing that it earned this nomenclature. Made up mainly of bananas, ghee, raisins, jaggery and kalkandu, this dish is perfect for any festive occassion


Decorated Paruppu Thengai at my son's Ayush Homam (traditional 1st birthday celebrations) yesterday

Decorated Paruppu Thengai

Any major function in a Tam Bram family, such as Ayush Homam (first birthday), Sashtiabdapoorthi (60th birthday), marriage, thread investire ceremony call for this sweetmeat called Manoharam to be filled into large conical containers and placed centrally for everyone to see. Instead of ordering out, why don’t you make it at home for a change?

Nombu Kozhakattai


Traditional dish that is a must during the Nombu festival, these sweet and savoury kozhakattais are good as general snacks too

Kaapu Arisi Pottu Kadalai

Kaapu Arisi Pottu Kadalai being offered to guests

Kaapu Arisi Pottu Kadalai being offered to guests

This interesting dish is prepared on some occassions related to the birth of a child – during its naming ceremony as well as on his/her ear piercing.


My Mother-in-law’s quick Boondi Laddu Payasam

Remember those times when guests come calling suddenly? Here’s a recipe that my mother-in-law resorted to when there were guests – a simpel and quick payasam with boondi laddus! Click here to know more

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