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Christmas Tree Brownies (Vegan)


A couple of months ago I’d taken my son to a story-telling session – not a patchy one done by me, but a proper professional one. I dropped him at the venue and looked at my watch. Yay! It was 6.05 pm and the session was to end only at 7 pm. Which essentially meant I had 55 minutes – make that 55 MINUTES – all to myself! To do whatever I want, without any pesky little ones bothering me with spilt water, or pooped pants, or broken toys, or bleeding noses, or hungry crankies. No nothing! I could scramble about with the dinner preps once back home and tackle all of that. But till then, I had some nice me time!

I bought myself a bar of dark chocolate and shamelessly ate the whole thing before heading to a bookshop two streets away! I spent a good 45 minutes browsing through books AND buying one too (sheepish smile there!).


At 7, I promptly went back to pick my son up. The session had just ended and the story-teller, a friend of a friend of mine, was standing there at the doorway talking to the parents of some of the kids who had attended the session that day. My son was standing with a bunch of other kids and his expression told me he’d thoroughly enjoyed it. He ran up to me and confirmed that it’d been great fun and requested me to send him again.

I waited for the crowd to clear so I could talk to the story teller and thank her for positively engaging with the kids and taking care of them for an hour, while harried moms like me could enjoy some me-time! And while I said hello and made small talk, a small girl, probably a year younger than my son, walked up to her and held her hand.


“So, little girl, have you come to take your mom back home?” I asked her. “I wanted to hear mom narrate the story of the shrill giant so I attended the story session too,” she replied, smiling sweetly.

“What!” I thought to myself. This little girl sat with the rest of the kids, while her mom spent an hour telling them all stories? If I were the story-teller, my son would have made faces at me and run up to me, interrupting me a hundred times, asking for water and biscuits and this and that! Sigh!

On second thoughts, if my older one was the way he is, I wouldn’t have the spark in my life or fodder for my blog!


Coming to these brownies, I saw similar ones all over the internet around last Christmas and wanted to bake them. I finally managed baking these last month – way ahead of Christmas, yippee! So, in time for those need some prodding to move their lazy bums and bake these up for the kids!

This is a super fudgy and reasonably easy eggless and dairy-free brownie recipe that I found here. I halved the recipe and baked it in a 6” round pan and a couple of muffin tins. The contents of the muffin tins found their way into the tummy of my son exactly 2.45 minutes after they were out of the oven. The green icing on top is a handful of cashews soaked in water for a couple of hours, drained and ground into a fine paste. I added natural green food colouring from Sprig (this isn’t a sponsored post).


This is part of the Bake-a-thon 2017


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