About me

A journalist on a sabbatical to spend more time cooking, eating, travelling and reading, who managed to co-author a cookbook and win an award for the same!

Write to me at: foodiliciousnan@gmail.com

20 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Nandidni, I simply love your website. After moving here even I have discovered the fun of cooking and thoroughly enjoy it. My mouth is watering after going through all those lovely recipes and I must say I feel like jumping on a plane to reach you and go down the memory lane over super good food. I really like the pictures you have uploaded and the writing ofcourse is fabulous. Although its been years since I have met you but the fond memories of spending time with you will always remain in my heart. Good luck darling !!

    Love and Luck flying all the way to you

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and trying out the chocolate brownie. You have some great recipes too. i’m sure going to try some 🙂

  3. Ever since I read the article in Business Line about “Why Onions Cry: Peek into an Iyengar Kitchen”, I have been trying to get a copy of it. The book is not available in any of the online stores. Could you please help me?

  4. Hi
    A fellow iyengar here – when is your book going to be released in india? Will there be an ebook version as well??

  5. First of all… I love your recipes and am a frequent visitor to your site.. Please notify us when your book “Why Onions Cry: Peek into an Iyengar Kitchen” is available in India.. Cant wait to get my hands on it 🙂

    All the best for your future and keep sharing such wonderful recipes..

    • Dear Rahul, thanks for writing in. The photo shoot and the book layout are over. But I’ll keep your offer in mind for the next one. Would like to know more about your work and where you’re based

  6. Hi,

    MasterChef India is a show that celebrates great people who make great food and fight for the title of ‘best cook of the country.’
    In its previous seasons, Masterchef has given India 2 great chefs:

    Masterchef is back with its grand new Season and a lifetime opportunity for people who passionately cook as hobby, for amateurs and Homechefs. Age criteria: 16 yrs & above.

    If you or anyone you know is interested, kindly write back with your Name & contact details to: masterchefindia3@colosceum.com
    Phone no. 9920916436

    Best regards,

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  8. Hi Nandini, this is the first time I have visited your blog and I am so so in love with it. I always wanted to try healthier recipes for my daughter as I am a baker myself and you completely inspire me to do so. Hats of to you on such a wonderful blog. Keep up the great work.


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