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Cypriotic Flaounes (Easter savoury pie) – Eggless & half whole wheat

eggless Cypriotic flaounesI have a continuing affair with nice sounding names. Make that names of dishes. Say Pinzimonio. Feels nice? Say Bruschetta. How about Poricha kootu? Or Chocolate Nutella Nut Butter Pie??? Get what I’m saying? If I like the way the dish is pronounced, I’m already sold! Just saying the name out loud lifts my spirits. The very romance of the pronunciation makes me go back to it again and again.

The case wasn’t any different with the Cypriotic Flaounes. One, it sounds beautiful. Two, It is a yeasted bread. Yeasted bread = kneading;  yeasted bread with low protein Indian flour = kneading loads; yeasted bread with low protein Indian whole wheat = kneading the hell out of the dough! Punch your dough and punch your stress away! Btw, I’m baking a lot of breads these days. And btw, I stay calm lot more these days (wicked smile).

Flaounes - right out of the oven!

Flaounes – right out of the oven!

Both hubby and son loved the pie. I passed on some to friend, whose teenage daughters gave it a big thumbs up.

The flaouna (plural, flaounes) is a savoury cheese pie made for Easter in Cyprus. It was the bread of the month (April) of We Knead to Bake, an online monthly bread baking event started by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen. I baked it the same month, but never got around posting it. It is an egg-heavy bread, but Aparna made the task of turning it eggless much easier by suggesting suitable alternatives. The pie also makes use of local varieties of cheese like halloumi, kefalotyri, keskavali etc (if you’re having any difficulty pronouncing some of these, join the club!). These have been replaced by the types of cheese more easily available in India – mozzarella, cheddar and paneer.

eggless flaounes

Some other substitutions and omissions have been made to the traditional version due to availability (or lack thereof), the most prominent one being leaving out spices like mastic (a resin from the mastic plant) and mahleb (ground pits of a Mediterranean cherry variety) that are native to Cyprus. Additionally, I used both plain white flour (maida/APF) and whole wheat flour in equal quantities for the dough.

For the recipe and more information on the pie, head over to Aparna’s post.

cyprus 2

This post is the third in the series called Around the World in 30 Days , a special bi-annual version of the  Blogging Marathon hosted by Srivalli.

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15 thoughts on “Cypriotic Flaounes (Easter savoury pie) – Eggless & half whole wheat

  1. I enjoyed reading your post Nandini, you had me all cracked up!..what a lovely baked dish to feast on..I wish you packed some for me as well!..great choice and you have done it so well..hoping to see more such goodies

  2. You are funny! If this punching is keeping you calm, then I should bake more breads too whenever I am stressed out to keep myself calm. Savory pie cooks yummy.

  3. Enjoyed reading your posts Nandini and love the way you write.I remember making this for Aparna’s WKTB and the kids loved it…Nice that you made it with Whole wheat flour…

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