Dry curries / Gravy side-dishes

Undhiyu (traditional & otherwise) for BM#25 Celebration (Day2)

I first heard about Undhiyu from my Gujarati neighbour Sandhya in Bangalore. “What?! You haven’t ever had Undhiyu? Wait, I’ll make it for you this winter,” she told me. Sadly, I moved out of Bangalore before that winter and the Undhiyu remained elusive. That was more than five years ago. But last fortnight, I had … Continue reading

Cooking with Farm Fresh veggies / Dry curries

Cooking with Farm Fresh Veggies: Cabbage stir-fried with Capsicum & Green Peas

This is a weekly series on cooking with vegetables fresh from my parents’ backyard I had been waiting for the lovely heads of cabbage to mature enough for us to pluck them. I’d look into the small 5ft by 5ft patch that had these heads of cabbage growing slowly and steadily every other day. I … Continue reading