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Papusas de Queso from Honduras

pupusas de queso
Being forgetful has its own advantages and disadvantages. Like you put your bread to bake into the oven and step out to your favourite crockery store that is just a five minute ride from home. The bread’s gonna take close to an hour in the oven and you know you’re gonna be back in half an hour anyway. You know exactly what you need and you know that it is on the third shelf from the bottom in the third aisle of the first floor of that gigantic crockery shop.

But of course, you did not know there was a clearance sale there, did you? But you’re the epitome of restraint and you’re gonna stick to your planned purchase. But how about that nice white mug? It will be a good prop for cookie pictures, won’t it? AND it is on 30% discount. So what if you already have five white mugs in different sizes and shapes? It is on sale!

And just as you walk to the billing you notice those nice see through glass jars that you’ve forever wanted to buy also on sale! You couldn’t get luckier, could you? And right next to those, you also spot some little white ceramic bowls that’ll be perfect for chutney and dips. Never mind that you’re never gonna use it when guests are around – they’re safely stashed away in a small nook of your cupboard with your precious camera and taken out every other day when you shoot dishes for your blog!

pupusas de queso

Then there were also some airtight boxes (didn’t the lid of another similar one snap away last week? It does need a replacement) and a cute little glass flower vase (so what if there’s no space in the overflowing showcase? It is so cute!). You pay the bill and somehow manage to get back home with bulging bags, humming a tune, a smile on your lips and wondering how you’ll place that white bowl for tomorrow’s dish.

And then whiff whiff. What’s that faint burning smell? Oh heck! There’s that bread in the oven that’s stayed in there far too long! The crust is burnt and it is too difficult to slice. There’s no way you can possibly use it for the night’s planned pav bhaji meal.

On the brighter side, did you know overbaked bread makes a reasonably decent “healthy” biscotti, albeit one that is neither sweet, not has any nuts or additions in it? Who said biscotti needs to be baked twice?!

For now, there’s no biscotti for you dear reader. And please, tempted as you are, don’t rush over to your neighbourhood bakery for a pack of the delicious twice-baked goodie, your milk’s almost going to boil over. Simply sit back and enjoy this  street food from Honduras called Pupusas de Queso. Originally from the neighbouring El Salvador, pupusa seems to have been introduced to Honduras by migrating natives. Check this link for the recipe I followed.

pupusas de queso

It is somewhat of a cheese paratha, but one that is made with a kind of corn flour called masa harina. Corn kernels are soaked in a slaked lime solution, then dried and ground into flour. The ensuing chemical reaction that occurs during the soak step ensures that the corn is much softer and the flour can be kneaded into pliable dough fit to make tortillas (source: wiki). This isn’t the case with the regular corn flour, which is what’s available in India and that is what I used. The dough wasn’t too easy to work with and the pupusas kept cracking at the edges. When I checked with Mireille who blogs over at East West Realm, she suggested that I add some all-purpose flour to make it pliable. I’ll try that next time (probably with wheat instead of maida).

Anyway, the dish was quite interesting, only that we found it somewhat bland. In fact hubby enjoyed it with some tomato pickle on the side! I’m planning to give this a shot again but with some added green/red chilli in the dough and Mireille’s suggestion of some regular wheat flour along with corn flour.

pupusas de queso


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11 thoughts on “Papusas de Queso from Honduras

  1. I made papusas for a previous BM and they drove me bananas with the breakage issues. Yours have turned out perfect.
    Oh my god, how did you know about my recent trip to the store?? Where you there with me?? hehehehe. (I didn’t have bread in the oven though!!!!!!!)

  2. That sounds like me in a kitchen store going bonkers seeing the sale sign. 🙂 I made papusas for El Salvador. Your turned out good.

  3. Very interesting to read your adventure nandini, I was almost thinking you will share your biscotti with us today…coming to the corn flour, the source you linked shows the flour to be whitish, and very soft. Our corn flour is coarse right…we mostly mix in hot water and some wheat flour while making it..for it not to break. anyway very nice dish..

  4. Loved ur intro Nandini and lucky that you have such a store in the neighborhood and that too one with a sale on it!And this is a nice bread.Good one Nandini…

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