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Eggless Ferrero Rocher Cake with Nutella-Mascarpone Frosting to ring in 2014 & to celebrate the launch of Why Onions Cry

Ferrero Rocher cakeI know most you are gearing up to party hard tonight. But those of you who’re spending some quiet time with the computer, like me, A Very Happy 2014!!! You can dig into this virtual feast of a Ferrero Rocher cake that I baked for my nephew’s birthday last fortnight. But on the blog, this cake is my celebratory post to ring in the new year and also to share the happy news that my cookbook Why Onions Cry has been published and is available for sale online!

The book won the Gourmand Award for the Best Vegetarian Cookbook from India in 2012. It also stood third in the Best in the World category in vegetarian cooking from Gourmand the same year. Despite these successes, we had trouble finding the right publisher. After a lot of waiting and tying up with a good publisher (Prism Books), our book is finally ready!

You can buy it from Amazon  or from Prism Books  currently. It will also on Flipkart pretty soon. For those of you who prefer to leaf through a book before deciding to buy one, need to wait just a week longer. the book is being dispatched to bookstores across India and should be on the stands in a week’s time.  The boom will also be available soon enough on for readers in the US. Happy reading and cooking everyone! And don’t forget to leave a feedback about the book 🙂

Ferrero Rocher Cake

Coming to the cake, I stuck to the Hersheys Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake recipe that I’ve made so often. Since I bake only eggless, I substituted the egg in the recipe with curd (1/4 cup fpr each egg). I used half the recipe and made one 6-inch cake and 4 large cupcakes (as a treat for my neighbour’s son on his birthday). For the frosting, I used up whatever I had in my pantry and the deep freezer to come up with a really chocolate treat indeed. I tried to pipe some mini rosettes, but this frosting wasn’t stiff enough to hold up rosettes. But it was as good, or may I say richer and better, than a typical chocolate ganache.

I topped the frosted cake with whole Ferrero Rochers. Actually, I wanted to fill the cake with some hazlenut praline, but my nephew isn’t nuts about nuts, especially with chocolate. So, I dropped the idea. But this would be a true-blue Ferrero Rocher cake with all the classic ingredients – chocolate, hazelnuts and some crunch!


Nutella-Chocolate-Mascarpone Frosting


Nutella – 100 gm

Marcarpone Cheese – 1/4 cup (about 50 gm)

Cocoa powder – 2 heaping tablespoons

Icing Sugar – 1/2 -3/4th cup (9 parts finely powdered sugar mixed with 1 part corn starch)

Filter Cofee decoction – 1 tbsp (Optional. Can also use 1 tsp instant coffee granules dissovled in 1 tbsp water instead)


Beat Nutella , mascarpone cheese , cocoa powder and coffee decocotion with a hand mixer on low speed till well-mixed

Add in 1/2 cup of icing sugar and beat well. Do a taste test and add more sugar if required. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes before frosting the cake

Drop heapfuls of the frosting on the cake and smooth the top and the sides with a palette knife

Top the cake with Ferreo Rochers and press gently to seat them in place

Using a peeler, scrape a block of cooking chocolate and sprinkle the top of the cake with these

Ferrero Rocher cake

This post also goes to Bake-a-thon, an annual event started by Champa and being hosted by Srivalli this year.


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