Karthigai Pori Urundai

A post that I had put up earlier. Sharing it again in tune with the festive spirit! Happy Karthigai and have a nice time lighting all the lamps and making these pori urundais



I have fond memories of celebrating Karthagai in Delhi. Karthigai is a Tamil festival which is basically a celebration of the month of ‘Karthik’ of the Lunar calendar) and falls in December, a month or so after Diwali. It is a festival of lights, somewhat like Diwali/Deepawali (another festival that celebrated ‘good over evil’ with lots of lights). Pori Urundai (Puffed rice balls), a laddu-like thing made with jaggery and puffed rice, is prepared and offered to  Lord Karthik (Murugan), the younger son of Lord Shiva.

During the first day of the Karthigai month, we used to light loads and loads of earthen lamps filled with oil on the low boundary wall all around the house late in the evening. We even lit one lamp in each room of the house, including bathrooms. I remember the earthen lamp count going as high as 4 dozens one particular time. On subsequent…

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