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Dulce de Leche (DDL) + DDL Fudge Brownies

Dulce de Leche Brownie

Dulce de Leche Brownie

Dulce de leche. I LOVE the way it sounds. Dool-say-de-le-shay. It has such a beautiful romantic ring to it. I same across this for the first time more than two years ago in my initial days of blogging on David Lebovitz. More than the picture of this caremilsed condensed milk, it was a picture of a brownie made with it that really got stuck in my head. Even if you’re no big fan of rich Indian milk preparations (Thirettipal/palkova, basundi, kalakand etc etc), which sounds pretty rare to me, you really have to try this once. Even if it be the pseudo-authentic and half-homemade version made with a can of condensed milk inside a pressure cooker filled with water!

Dulce de Leche

You really (really!) have to handle the stuff, dip your forefinger into it and put it into your mouth and wipe of the trailing thread of the Dulce de leche and repeat the process over and over again till you’re halfway through the can and drown in guilt when you count the number of calories you consumed in just over a minute! It really is addictive and works wonderfully as a topping on just about any dessert.

Cupcakes? Sure. Make a DDL frosting. Don’t want to ice your cake? Drizzle some runny DDL over a chocolatey chocolate cake and you’ve got some uh-mazing rustic cake there. Ice cream? Why not?! Use DDl thinned with a few drops of milk as a sauce over it. Run out of ideas to top your toast with? Fret not. Its DDl to the rescue again! Since I made this thing last week, I’ve been using it in just about EVERYTHING!

I also made some DDL Brownies. Again with David Lebovitz’ recipe. In his post on Dulce de Leche, he writes about how he never thought the stuff would be available in France (DDL being a South American/Mexican – or maybe Argentinian – thing), till he saw lots of local fromageries advertising the presence of “Confiture de Lait”. Btw, have you been to his site? It is a haven for both chocoholics and dessert-o-holics alike, especially those who like a good read. Plus he throws in lots of tidbits from his Parisienne life into his blog. Oh! I forgot we were talking about DDl here!


So, last evening, I also ended up making some brownies with DDL. The problem was this particular can of DDl that i made was in the cooker far longer than it needed to be and i got quite a firm DDL. Not that it is a bad thing. Just that that wouldn’t have worked in this brownie. So i ran the requited quantity in the blender with 1 tbsp of milk but than gave me a runny DDL. By then, I was totally running out of time and patience. So I went ahead with the recipe. Also, I had just about a quarter of the butter called for in the recipe, so i used ghee (clarified butter) for the rest. On hindsight I feel I should have used oil instead. What I got a FUDGGGGY brownie that was a little greasy too. But as brownies and chocolates go, it was yummy indeed. So please measure out the ingredients properly when you start out on this adventure! I cut it into brownie bars instead of traditional brownie squares to get more pieces. But I don’t have pics of those since I passed those on to a friend who came in with his adorable little daughter last night.


1. I call it the pseudo DDL because the traditional one is made by caramelising milk over low heat for hours, not unlike our own Basundi.

2. I followed the David Lebovitz recipe for the brownies, but halved the quantity and baked in one 5×5 inch pan and one 4-inch tart pan. I also added a dozen chopped cashew nuts

Dulce de Leche – Easy Pressure Cooker Method

You’ll need: 1 unopened can of condensed milk, a pressure cooker and lots of water

How you go about it: Place the UNOPENED can at the base of the pressure cooker and fill it up with water such that the water is a couple of inches above the can. Close the lid and put the whistle cap in place. Lower the heat to a minimum after you hear the first whistle and keep it that way for 15-30 minutes (less for a runny one and more for a thick one) before removing the cooker from heat. Open only after the pressure completely dies down. Refrigerate once opened


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23 thoughts on “Dulce de Leche (DDL) + DDL Fudge Brownies

  1. thats an sinful brownie 🙂 tempting me dear !! thats wat i do often simply dip my finger and start licking till i complete the whole tin 🙂 looks fabulous !!

  2. What a delicious brownie. I know how utterly addictive condensed milk and dulche de leche are. Like you said I’m guilty of licking half of the jar clean before realizing the side effects.. yummy stuff :0)

  3. I am yet to cook anything using DDL, this seems like a good starter recipe and loved the little facts you shared which are indeed practical nuances, not everyone has a kitche stocked like Nigella’s with all ingredients perfectly measured and stored

  4. Oh my!How tempting that pic looks . I can imagine the taste and want a bite right now Nandhini..And I love David Lebovitz’s site and have prepared a few recipes from them. Love his ice creams!

  5. The pictures are not loading properly for me, but never mind…I am already drooling over the way you have talked about dulce de leche….romantic name indeed and the taste lives up to the promises, doesnt it? I wonder how you could use it in a brownie, because for me I finish off the whole can in a jiffy.

    And yeah, I make it as a special treat for myhusband (who hates sweet -so no cake, just caramalized condesed milk) for his birthday 🙂

  6. Drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! There were more o’s but then I deleted them. I wanted space to comment. Love them a lot. By the way my elder daughter has told me please do not show me food especially bakes here unless you plan to bake now and its 9.15 pm close to my shut down. 😀

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