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Brownie Cupcakes


These are actually brownies baked in cupcake moulds. So they’re cupcakes. They’re brownies. And Oh-so-chocolatey! And so fudgy. And so yummy. I”m totally in love with single serve portions and am forever trying to adapt regular recipes to fit cupcakes. This was one of those experiments. A very successful one I’d say. And I’ve made these many times over after the first attempt – to make cupcake brownies as well as regular style ones.

The one you see in the picture was actually made on a whim one fine evening when I was blog hopping and chanced upon Rajani’s brownie post. She writes with great humour and this post really cracked me up. The recipe sounded so easy to put together that I walked that instant into the kitchen to whip this up. It took me under 30 minutes from getting into the kitchen to the batter finding its way into the oven. So, you could have these brownies nice and warm on the table in about an hour. How cool is that!

I have taken many liberties with the recipe – used oil in place of the butter, used melted butter, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, baking powder in place of egg, egg replacer, flaxseed meal – loads of things at different attempts but each time it gives beautiful results. Of course, it turns out more cake-like if I use soft butter-powdered sugar combination  vs. melted butter-granulated sugar, but what I’m saying is that the recipe has never failed on me.

On the first attempt though, I  halved the recipe but quartered the sugar by mistake. It turned out some super-fudgy albeit somewhat bitter cupcake brownies. To balance out the lack of adequate sugar, I quickly made an impromptu icing. I have no idea whether the icing sets or not over a period of time, because these were consumed right after. In fact, since some guests walked in just as I was to serve it to the family, I cut each cupcake in half  horizontally and topped it with the icing and chocolate chips. Try this if you like chocolate!

The Brownie Recipe is here. I halved the recipe and got 6 regular sized cupcakes.

For the icing, I beat together equal quantities of butter and icing sugar with a bit of cocoa powder. No particular recipe for this one.

This is my entry for Week 4 of BM #28. Also linking it to Valli’s Kids Delight being hosted by Sowmya this month.


8 thoughts on “Brownie Cupcakes

  1. hmm so u r experimeting and playing with combinations and in bargain eating (n ofcourse making) a lot of good things off late, this one sounds like a nice thing to try over a weekend, a cafe at work server brownie with chocolate truffle cake and i like that combination, maybe you can try it out too

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