Vazhaipoo Vada with Paruppu Usli

DSC_0308It does happen every now and then that we add too much water while grinding the lentils for paruppu usli and it turns out kind of sticky instead of soft and crisp (yes paruppu usli is both soft as well as crisp!).

You could, of course, add oil by the truckloads and set it absolutely right and get the thumbs up from your family for the yummy goodness. But why not try using up part of the sticky mess for something else before you convert a would-have-been-sticky paruppu usli into a great-crispy-paruppu-usli-that-is-almost fried. Sure, the replacement I’m talking about is as fatty as your paruppu usli is, but it probably is a Sunday lunch we’re talking about here, the whole family is going to be sitting together for lunch and who wouldn’t appreciate a surprise vada or pakoda?

The version you see in the pictures is made with vazhaipoo ie. banana flowers, but it could be made with just about any vegetables you make your normal paruppu usli with. The idea came from my sis-in-law (and these have actually been prepared by by her) who makes these vadas each time she makes paruppu usli becasue her son absolutely detests usli.


Preparing the Paruppu Usli Vada

You’ll need to prepare Paruppu Usli like you normally do. Check here if you want help with some step-by-step pictures. Don’t worry about adding too much or too little water, it will all be taken care of when you convert them into vadas!

Soak a fistful or two of toor dal in water for about 30 minutes such that the level of water is about half an inch higher than than the dal. You could add dry red chillies too depending on how much you’ve already added in the paruppu usli and how spicy you want the vadas to be.

Grind into a near smooth batter adding requisite salt. Add prepared paruppu usli and additional chopped vazhaipoo or whatever vegetable you’ve used in the usli. Mix well.

Heat oil in a skillet. Shape the batter mix into small patties in the palm of your hands and drop gently into the hot oil. Fry till golden brown on both sides.

Remove from oil with a slotted metal spoon and drain into a colander or absorpent kitchen paper/towel. Serve with any tangy chutney or ketchup.


This post is my second entry this week under the Setting Right Kitchen Disasters theme for Blogging Marathon.

Want to know what you could do with a badly risen cake? Make cookies with it!

10 thoughts on “Vazhaipoo Vada with Paruppu Usli

  1. The vadas look delicious. BTW you can always steam the paruppu usli when it is watery and fix it. In fact I never fry and always steam it in large quantities and freeze the stuff for later use.

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