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Cake Cookies

Hubby: “Cookies? But you said you baked a cake yesterday!”
Cake turned into cookies!

Cake turned into cookies!

Me: “Ummm…I did, but it did not turn into a cake!”
Hubby: “Yet again??!!”
Me: Actually it should have been great. But I realised I’d forgotten to add the baking powder 10 minutes after the cake batter was in the oven. So I took it out, but it had already started to cook. Still I added it, mixed it up as well as I could, but….
Hubby: Ok, ok…I got it. So you baked cookies after dumping the supposed cake?
Me: (Grinning widely) No. I turned the cake disaster into these fab cookies!

I got a message from WordPress a couple of days ago that said “Happy Anniversary. You started this blog 2 years ago.” So there, I’ve done it finally. Made you say a silent Happy Birthday to my blog!  Incidentally, the cake was to have made a pretty picture for the blog birthday, but it was cookies  that I was meant to “celebrate” it with.

Doesn't it look pretty?

Doesn’t it look pretty?

And that’s how the cake cookie was born. I’ve done this thrice, turned a flop cake into cookies that is. No, don’t think I was absent minded about baking each of those three times. The second time, I’d actually poured the brownie batter meant to be poured into a 13×9 pan into a 5×5 one (and you thought that was impossible?) and the next time…Forget it.

Anyway, what it requires for a cake disaster to turn into cookies is additional flour, maybe some butter and really tough hands (or a good food processor, mixie won’t do) and some bit of patience. How much flour or butter is a call you’ll have to take depending on the state of your cake, how cakey or uncooked it is. Once you decide it is no future as a cake and cookies is what it is destined to be, roll up your sleeves, do some weights to strengthen your biceps and put your hands right into the cake.

And start kneading it. Yes, I said kneading it. I once tried whizzing it in the mixie, but it was too messy to clean up the jar and a half-done cake batter is a tough cookie to handle (no pun intended!). If it feels too sticky, add more flour, a little at a time. Add more flour only when you’ve finished thoroughly mixing up what was already added. Add more butter in the end and mix a final time.


You can choose to keep the cookie batter as batter-y or dough-y as you like. Only, you’ll have to bake accordingly to ensure it doesn’t turn tough or chewy. I’ve needed to bake my cake cookies almost as long as regular ones (18-20 mins @350 deg C is what I normally do). These cookies have an incredible cake like texture but are more cookie-like when you bite into them. I made some indents with the back of a fork on the ones in the picture and sprinkled demerara sugar on some of them before popping them into the oven. Don’t blame me if you knowingly botch up your cake just so you could turn them into cookies!

This cake disaster has been turned around for Valli’s Blogging Marathon. I’ll be telling you about more turnarounds over the next couple of days, so come back tomorrow and day after too. For other ‘good’ recipes, please visit the Blogging Marathon page.


11 thoughts on “Cake Cookies

  1. what a great post – not only how you transform the failed cake but you write with such great humor

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  3. Wow. .Another great tip on turning failing cake into a flourishing cookie.. Lovely clicks..
    Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary to Foodlicious Nandini.

  4. Happy Anniversary nandini…I understand now why you wanted to have this theme..:))…those cookies look so would never have guessed otherwise…

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