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Chocolate Lollipop Bouquet


I made this cute little bouquet of chocolate lollipops  for Ikshu’s first birthday party. The idea,  again, came  from  my cousin who inspired me to make the decorated tray. She’d learnt about this chocolate bouquet at a chocolate making workshop she’d attended.

She’d used a proper  woven basket,  liked it with what is called ‘ brick’  in  creative parlance,  and,  in simple terms, is nothing but a sponge- like material that is also often used in flower baskets.

She  had  made moulded chocolate,  stuck proper lollipop sticks into them, wrapped it up in chocolate pauper and oorganza to look like flowers  and stick them into the prepared baskets.

I keep out this simple and used simple craft items and materials available at home. I  chose a transparent Tuperware  container for the basket. I cut out  three thermocol  rounds to fit into my basket,  stacked them one on top of the other, stuck toothpicks through them to hold them in place and wrapped out all up in pink/ red crepe  paper. I  then for this into the Tupperware  and the basket was ready.


I then stuck  one toothpick  into each chocolate I’d  made.  These  chocolate  lollipops I stuck into the basket and lo,  your chocolate lollipop bouquet is all done 🙂 The   best  part was seeing the kids coming back to the table for more!


Off this goes to Valli’s 30-day Blogging Marathon  under Crafts.


9 thoughts on “Chocolate Lollipop Bouquet

  1. Nandini, you seriously did so much for the lil’s birthday party!..(secretly it felt like you wanted to do everything you wanted to do for yourself..heheheh..) Everything related to that event has been fantastic…these lollipops are great!

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