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Gooey Chocolate Centre Cupcakes


My nephews are totally into cake-making at home. After he saw me prepare the Quick Chocolate Cake and the One Cup Cake, one of my nephews realised chocolate cake baking is “no big deal”. He pulled on an apron (his mom’s) and with the sheet of paper that had my recipe on it, he started off baking and how! Continued experimentation led him to discover how to get an oozing chocolate centred lava cake. He made it once for me and it was totally awesome. Btw, you may like to know that he is just 13 years old.

As his fame spread in the family as a “super baker”, my other two nephews (they’re twins) got interested too. “If he can pull it off, so can we!” And yesterday, they deposited my cranky and sleepy li’l boy into my mother-in-law’s arms and dragged me into the kitchen. “You’ve got to teach us to bake a nice and proper chocolate lava cake aunty,” they appealed. Little did they know that I had not managed to uncover my nephew’s secret lava cake recipe!


But a food blogger’s got her ego at the right place and I said fine and off we started baking this lovely stuff. Thankfully for me, my newest baking partner “BAKING – 100 everyday recipes” had a recipe for a “warm molten-centred chocolate cupcake”. It called for eggs that I replaced with flaxseed meal and water. Incidentally, the book was one of the gifts I got during the 25th Blogging Marathon meet at Ahmedabad in February.

I measured out all the ingredients while my nephews did the mixing. Our cupcakes weren’t really “chocolate lava” but were definitely “gooey chocolate-centred” cupcakes. It could have been because I baked at 200 deg C instead of the 190 deg C suggested in the book, because my oven has 25 deg C increments and I could either use 175 deg or 200 deg, and I chose the latter. I did reduce baking time by 3 minutes though. Maybe, I should have taken it out a couple of minutes earlier than that. Next time I would try 175 deg.


Anyway, the cakes were super spongy and gooey in the centre and quite quite quite easy to make. I definitely am planning to try this for a party next time. What about you? Want more recipes for special occasions? Visit the Blogging Marathon page to see recipes from some wonderful bloggers. In case you don’t know, we’re all going to be blogging non-stop this whole month. So do visit us every day for new and exciting stuff!

Chocolate Lava Cupcakes

Soft margarine – 4 tbsp (I used butter)
Castor sugar – 55 gm/2 oz
Egg – 1 large (I used 4 tsp flaxseed meal mixed in 4 tbsp warm water)
Self raising flour – 85 gm (I put 1 tsp baking powder in the measuring cup and filled it up with APF till it reached the 85 gm marking)
Cocoa powder – 1 tbsp
Plain chocolate – 55 gm
Icing sugar for dusting

Put 8 paper baking cases in a cupcake tray (I made 7)

Put the margarine, sugar, egg, flour and cocoa in a large bowl and beat with an electric hand whisk until just smooth. I found the batter too dry, so I added 1 tsp oil + 1 tsp milk additionally to the batter

Spoon half of the batter into the paper cases. Using a teaspoon, make an indentation in the centre of each cake. Break the chocolate evenly into 8 (or 7) pieces and place a piece in each indentation, then spoon the rest of the batter on top

Bake the cupcakes in a preheated oven at 190 deg C for 20 minutes or until well-risen and springy to the touch. Leave the cupcakes for 2-3 minutes before serving them warm, dusted with sifted icing sugar

I used salted butter and found that the cake wasn’t sweet enough. Add some more sugar in case you use salted butter


22 thoughts on “Gooey Chocolate Centre Cupcakes

  1. this looks perfectly made, delicious, i think, it could be also bcoz of the cocoa powder, the sugar content should be balanced based on the brand of cocoa, if u use good brand cocoa, there will be very less sugar in it, dont think the butter was the crook here

  2. Such a pretty picture. Dont worry next time you shall have molten goodness on the plate. This one looks good too no doubt.

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  4. Thank you for your recipie, it was the best one that I could find. I have made them and am waiting for them to cool hopefully I will see good results. 🙂

  5. I just made this and they are in the oven. This is 2nd time i am using your recipie. First time was a sucess and thiss time i used dark chocolate instead of plain for the middle and added white chocolate chips to the muxture. Hopefully they will turn out good as last time and if not, better ! 🙂

    • Hey that’s great to know Maria! Thanks for writing in 🙂 And do send me a picture of your current batch if you can. I’ll add them to the post, with due credits to you. Happy licking away all the gooey-ness 🙂

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