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Moulded Sandwich Chocolate


Keep It Short and Simple. This is definitely not a maxim that defines me. But people change. Especially women. Especially when they turn into mothers. If you were to look into blog posts of mommy bloggers vs those of non-mommy bloggers, you’ll see a clear difference.


Mommy bloggers work when kiddos aren’t around or have to rush through things if they are. They usually refer to these things in their posts too. They work at night. Late into the night. They’re either complaining or bad lighting for photography or build themselves a lightbox if space permits. Their photographs rarely have large portions, most having been attacked the moment it was ready. With me going all out in support of mommy bloggers, I’m sure you know what category I belong to.


Since you liked the previous picture and wanted a close-up so badly :)

Since you liked the previous picture and wanted a close-up so badly πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’ve got work to do. Loads of work to do. More chocolates to make, more cake recipes to try out, Pack up all return gifts, run out to the shop where I bought some goodies because the shopkeeper charged me double the price mentioned on the wrapper (and silly me paid up without even checking!), plan decorations and seating arrangements. This is just part of the list. Oh! Did I mention, it is my li’l fellow’s first birthday day tomorrow? So I’ll leave you with a pretty and pretty simple to make Moulded Sandwich Chocolate while I get back to my chores. The only problem when you make these is that you have to keep singing to yourself

“Chocolate, chocolate everywhere,
not a bit to eat…”
(Rhymed to “Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink…Instead of the cross, the Albatross around my neck was hung.” Wonderful poem!)

Happy chocolating!
This is my third entry for Valli’s Blogging Marathon (edition 26, week2) under theme Sandwiches without Bread

Some other things I was working on that day: packing the chocolates and "TRYING" to decorate cupcakes!

Some other things I was working on that day: packing the chocolates and “TRYING” to decorate cupcakes!

Moulded Sandwich Chocolate
(makes 30 pieces)
Dark cooking chocolate – 120 gm (see Notes)
White chocolate – 60 gm

Method:Melt finely chopped dark chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave oven on medium power in 10 second ingrement till most pieces are almost melted. Remove from heat and keep stirring till it melts completely. Let it cool down somewhat
Fill each mould to 1/3 capacity and let set for an hour
Repeat the melting process for the white chocolate. Pour melted white chocolate over the set dark layer to 2/3 capacity. Let it set for an hour
Now get back to dark chocolate and fill up the moulds to full capacity and let it set properly. Demould when hard and completely set

Note: The number of pieces can go up or down depending on how big or small the moulds are and how much you fill them
I used two oval shaped silicone praline mould trays with 15 pieces in each. You could use any other shaped mould or even mini muffin silicone cupcake moulds
You could also add a couple of mini choclate chips or toasted chopped nuts or chocolate vermicelli/rice in the white chocolate layer

21 thoughts on “Moulded Sandwich Chocolate

  1. Nandini, I can totally relate to what you have written!Mommy bloggers are really great[that includes us too :)]
    And b’day wishes,, hugs and kisses to Ikshu.
    The chocolate looks so professional!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to Baby Choo πŸ™‚ Awesome job with all the chocolate goodies. Can I invite myself with my 2 little ones for the party πŸ™‚ Enjoy your time in the party..
    Those moulded chocolates look amazing.

  3. u rock Nandini, this is a great idea, and some mommy’s are PJ…and even u for taht matter , write beautiful posts with right content and great recipes , keep it up

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