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Goldilocks’ Oats & Honey Porridge


Pease porridge hot,

Pease porridge cold,

Pease porridge in the pot,

Nine days old.

Some like it hot,

Some like it cold,

Goldilocks likes it warm,

With a dab of honey gold!

Pease Porridge Hot is one of MY favourite food-related rhymes – the original one that is, the one without my nonsensical last-two-line replacement. I don’t really know how much my toddler enjoys this one while I sing this as I feed him. But he’s not cried for a change yet, so I presume he does like it! This and Pat a Cake.

Whatever I feed the li’l fellow is almost porridge-like and slushy in consistency. In fact, I normally taste whatever I prepare for him to check if it isn’t too sweet or salty or hot or cold and often wonder why we take the trouble to cook elaborate meals when simple stuff, like basic baby food, can be so delicious!

While I prepared this particular version of Oats porridge (not peas porridge!) for the express purpose of putting up on the blog in keeping with this week’s Cooking from Kids’ Storybooks theme for Blogging Marathon, porridge is what I have breakfast on most days. I normally prepare a thinner version of the Porridge that we call satthu maavu kanji (meaning healthy multigrain porridge in Tamil language) that can be gulped down. It is a multi-grain porridge, the powder for which is prepared by my mother-in-law at home. But I quite love oats porridge too. Check this link if you’re curious to know about how I “dress up” my oats!

Coming to today’s porridge, it is a basic one prepared with oats and milk, sweetened with honey. Why honey? Remember the Three Little Bears, whose house Goldilocks enters and whose porridge she eats up? Now bears are supposed to love honey, right? So, here’s this simple oats porridge with honey and some nuts and dried fruit that I relished on a cold wintry morning a few days ago in Delhi.

You can’t really call this a recipe. But here’s how I prepare my oats porridge. Cook 2-3 tbsp of oats (I use quick-cooking variety) in a half a cup of water till done and mushy. Add some milk (about quarter cup or more to adjust consistency to your liking) and mix well. Add sweetener of your choice – I’ve tried sugar, honey, pureed dates, chopped raisins and figs, Nutella, fruit preserves, peanut butter, anything at all! Pour into a bowl and eat away!


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