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Spiced Chocolate with Milk



Having taken up the challenge to blog about recipes inspired by children’s’ storybooks for this month’s Blogging Marathon, I was hunting for material at my nephews place. I was rummaging through his bookshelf – the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Five Go Off in a Caravan (a Famous Five book that I talked about in yesterday’s post), Boy: Tales of Childhood (Roald Dahl), Complete Adventures of Charlie and Mr Willy Wonka (also Roald Dahl), …

Now wait a minute. Complete Adventures of Charlie? Wasn’t this the one that included Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Now, I’m a big fan of Roald Dahl and have read quite a few of his books. In fact, I so love his books Boy and Going Solo that I’ve gifted a few copies to my brother and other friends. But I’d not read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I’ve not seen the movie, although I’ve been meaning to do both for ages!

My mind started racing. Charlie and Mr Wonka could help me with enough recipes to last not one, but two weeks of blogging! And off I started on an adventure, accompanying Charlie through Mr Wonka’s factory. The first few chapters that I’ve cruised through themselves were rewarding in terms of tempting me into hitting the kitchen and attacking the chocolate bar with gusto. 

Coming to all the chocolaty mention so far, there was Wonka’s Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight. Woo! What a name it is, isn’t it? But what the Fudgemallow, sounds like something to do with fudgy marshmallows, not what could find here in India. Then there was Wonka’s Nutty Crunch Surprise. Now this was really interesting and could be interpreted in any way. And since my nephews are over at our place right now, this seemed like a good thing to try.

But a peek into the pantry and I realised I had just a 60 gm bit of milk chocolate left. I was almost thinking of hopping on to the scooterette to the store not too far from home and buying a slab. But I decided to get back to the book for just a wee bit longer. The portion I was reading describes how Charlie and the other kids taking a tour of Mr Wonka’s chocolate factory are amazed at the sight of the melting chocolate waterfall, which was the base for all the wonderful chocolates made in the factory.

A little later on in the book, Mr Wonka tells an Oompa Loompa (that is a characted in the book): “Chocolate tastes even better than cacao beans because it’s got milk and sugar added.”

I thought it was just the thing to make for the evening. Warm spiced melted chocolate with milk!!! It is not really cold here in Chennai now (it never is, for that matter), but it is the coolest it can ever get. And decent enough for a lovely warm drink.

I went right into the kitchen, chopped the chocolate, melted it in warm milk, added a dash of cinnamon, and, on a whim, added a pinch of red chilli powder, Now that’s where I made a mistake. I should have added the chilli in my portion of the drink. Even that little bit was too strong for the kids and they needed lots and lots of additional sugar to cover up the taste. But it really warmed me up. Although I’ve added cinnamon before when making chocolate-based drinks for my nephews before, it somehow did not work today in combination with the chilli and chocolate and warm milk.

I’d say add the chilli or cinnamon for the kids’ drink only if you know they like those flavours. I’d also have added more chocolate if I had it. It makes the drinking chocolate so much more rich and yummy!

BTW, Did you know that the idea for the cook Charlie and the Chocolate Fcatory was derived from Dahl’s own childhood? During his school days at Llandaff (Wales, England), Cadbury’s sent Packages of chocolates periodically to Dahl’s school for the children to try the new variants and give their feedback before the company launched into commercial production of the same.

Spiced Chocolate with Milk

(Makes 4 cups)


Milk chocolate –100 gm (I used 60 gm since I had just that much)

Milk – 3 ½ cups

Sugar – to taste (around 1.5 tbsp per cup of milk)

Cinnamon powder – a pinch OR Cinnamon stick – 1 inch piece

Red chilli – tiny pinch (leave out for kids)

Note: You could use dark chocolate or even white chocolate instead of milk chocolate


Boil half the milk (with cinnamon stick if that’s what you’re using)

Remove from heat and add the other half

Chop up the chocolate and add in about 1 cup of milk

Keep stirring till the chocolate melts

Add sugar, red chilli and cinnamon powder

Stir till everything blends well

Pour into serving cups and drink away

You could also drink this cold. It tastes equally awesome


8 thoughts on “Spiced Chocolate with Milk

  1. Yet to try the chocolate chili combination. I was checking out the hobbit, Harry potter, Eric carle books, scholastic series (eddy loves to eat), for the storybook theme :). Then turned to fairy tales, thought of gingerbread house or gingerbread men, but finally zeroed on magic potions :D! Looking forward to your day3 recipe 🙂

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