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Satthu Mavu Kanji /Multigrain Porridge Powder

This item is indispensable at our breakfast table. It is a multi-grain porridge powder that is boiled in water and mixed with milk and a sweetener of your choice. This kanji (porridge) is definitely an acquired taste. It is not like a cocoa drink that you’d take to instantly. It is something that grows on you. But once you take to it, and know more of its nutritional benefits, you wouldn’t want to give it a miss during breakfast.

For weight watchers too it a great way to a nutritious food that has everything from carbohydrates and proteins to vitamins, minerals and even fats! This nutritious porridge powder is also quite rich in calcium, thanks to ragi (finger millet) and soyabean. It is something you could give your kids in place of their evening glass of milk. For vegans too, this is a good way to get their daily doze of calcium.

Once in a while, I also add a table spoon of oats to this porridge for a tasty variation. Occasionally, I am also guilty of adding a tsp of cocoa to it. I know PJ has already written a post on Ragi Koozh (another ragi-based porridge mixed with buttermilk). But I’d wanted to blog about this kanji for a while now and felt it fitted perfectly with the Calcium-rich foods theme for this month’s Blogging Marathon

On the lighter side, once prepared, the kanji powder looks like wheat sieved with cocoa powder. In fact, my nephew walked in just as I was shooting the glass of kanji. I joked that it was cocoa-banana milkshake when he asked what it was. He drank it only to realise that it was his regular morning kanji after all! Just to please him, I added half a tsp of cocoa powder and a tsp of sugar to the glass and he actually loved it!


(The measures mentioned here make around 3 kg of powder. It lasts us around 4 months)


               For Kanji Powder

Ragi (finger millet) –  1 kg

Soya bean – ½ kg

Wheat grains – ½ kg

Roasted gram – ½ kg

Split Green gram – ¼ kg

*Boiled rice – ¼ kg

Flaxseed – 50 gm


             Preparing the Powder

Dry roast ragi (finger millet) till it starts turning fragrant and some seeds turn whitish (around 15-20 mins)

Dry roast soya bean till fragrant and the beans change colour slightly

Dry roast wheat. It will keep popping

Dry roast split green gram till it turns slightly red in colour. Take care not to burn

Dry roast boiled rice till reddish in colour

Grind everything together (including flax seeds and roasted gram) into a fine powder. Store in an airtight container when absolutely cool


*Boiled rice is a variety of rice. Do not boil i.e. cook rice!

          Preparing the Kanji

(This makes a tall glass or a cup and a quarter of kanji of banana milkshake consistency)

Mix 3 tbsp of kanji/porridge powder to about ¼ cup of water. It should be smooth and lump-free

Place 1 cup of water to boil

When water starts simmering, add the kanji paste and mix well

Keep stirring every other minute or it will turn lumpy

Take it off heat when the kanji starts boiling and thickening

Add ¼ – ½ cup of milk (soya milk for vegans) and either of sugar, jaggery or honey to sweeten


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