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Banana-Chocolate Layer Cake and some Celebration!

The 100th POST!!!


Pat a cake, pat a cake, Foodi-nan,

Bake a banana cake, fast as you can,

Pat it and prick it with walnuts many,

And put it on your post celebratory.

This is a celebratory post. A lot of great things in my life went unannounced in the last few months. I’ve hit the 100th mark, post-wise (well, this is the one!). I had a baby and my li’l boy is close to his 100th day. In March this year, our book won the third prize for best vegetarian book globally, awarded by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards . My brother finished school and is starting college.

I wanted to put up a post to celebrate each of these events but fought shy of doing it all so publicly. In the end I decided all these events are really special to me and I must at least bunch them all up into a single post.

Funnily, this cake wasn’t baked expressly for this reason. I baked it (it was about two months ago!) coz I wanted to try baking the choco-banana cake that I’d previously prepared in the microwave oven. And since I did not have a baking tin at that time, I borrowed a round one from my neighbour who makes delicious cakes.

I loved the baked version more than the microwaved one simply because of the beautiful deep brown colour that the rich chocolate layer on top took on being baked. Maybe, the effect of the expert baker neighbour and her long-used cake tin played its magic on my cake! By the way, my cake looks a little flat because the batter came up to just about half the depth of the cake tin.

The only change in this baked version from the previous microwaved one is that I did not mix in the cocoa to the entire batter. I removed a third of the batter, mixed the cocoa in and poured it over the rest of the batter. Five minutes into the oven I realised I’d forgotten to add the walnuts. I threw them all on top and poked them in with a knife. Although it looked quite messy, I was supremely happy with the cobbled, rustic effect it had when ready. I baked the cake in a preheated 180 deg C oven for 45 minutes.

5 thoughts on “Banana-Chocolate Layer Cake and some Celebration!

  1. Cake looks Great!And congrats on all the milestones 🙂

    Regarding your query on the blog – Panamkalkandu can be used instead of regular sugar in tea and coffee.I have not tried in bakes though.You can use it in Indian desserts but the taste may vary and use may need to use large quantity compared to regular sugar to get the right taste.If you try do let me know….

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