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Chaat Platter

Lopsided??? Yes…But, life isn’t always perfect!

The heat is unbearable these days and the mercury is well beyond 40 deg C in Delhi. Despite bamboo shutters, closed curtains and the ever-running air-conditioner, we’re always sweating at home. Unlike the coastal southern Indian city of Chennai, where things get nice and cool with the sea breeze in the evening, Delhi doesn’t afford such pleasures. Step out into the veranda at night, and you’ll be greeted with still warm air; so still, not a single leaf stirs.

These crazy days, we’re filling ourselves up with juices, salads, simple meals and light snacks to keep the body cool. But how far does such austerity in planning food help the yearning tongue? The greedy little fellow makes you reach out for that spicy dish every now and then, while you fight that unending battle with your fairy who teaches you to stay away from spices in the hot weather.

So, yesterday evening, we set out, my brother and I, to put together a nice and ‘hearty’ little snacks platter that would be light, cooling, and keep the palate satisfied too. We settled on a couple of easy to prepare street snacks that Delhi is so famous for and balanced them out with some coolers to beat the heat.

Here goes:

Katori Bhel: The ubiquitous Delhi chat – bhel puri – took on a simple avatar sans the chutneys. We filled it up in baked katoris (cups) to make them appealing. Bet your little ones will love to dig into these. You could also make them as starters for parties. They can be prepared in a jiffy and are absolutely yummy! I’ll put up the recipe later this week.

Katori Bhel

Arty Hearty Fruit Salad: This is the same old chopped fruits, except for the ‘hearty’ twist. It makes eating fruits a whole lot of fun. I’m sure it’ll make your lil punks reach out for a second serving!

Arty Hearty Fruit Salad

Lime ’n Rooh Afzah: This is a can’t-do-without summer cooler that is an everyday affair at our place in the summer months. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice in a glass of chilled Rooh Afza.

Lime ’n Rooh Afzah

Chaat Papdi: I’ve made an ultra-healthy version of Chaat Papdi with sprouts – both the papdi as well as the toppings before. I’ve kept this version light too, by baking the papdis instead of deep-frying them, while retaining the regular toppings.



Papdis – 6

*Green Chutney – 2 tsp

*Khatti-meethi (Sweet & sour) Chutney – 2 tsp

Potato (boiled and diced) – 2 tbsp

Whole green gram (cooked till soft, but not mushy) – 2 tbsp

Onion (chopped) – 2 tbsp

Tomato (chopped) – 2 tbsp

Sev (Fried gram-flour vermicelli) – 2 tbsp

Curd (hung in cheese cloth for 10 mins to drain water) – 1 tbsp

Red chilli powder – a pinch

Amchoor (dry mango) powder – a pinch

Coriander leaves (chopped) – 1 tbsp


For the Chutneys:

You’ll find the recipe for the two chutneys at the end of the Baked Sprouts Papdi Chaat post.

For Papdi:

I made papdis using this Khara Wafers recipe. Instead of cutting the rolled out dough into long strips, cut them into circles using a cookie cutter and bake them. I also made some papdis minus the spices, just salt and some carom seeds (ajwain). You could make the same dough with milk instead of curd and bake them. You could also add water to bind the dough instead of curd or milk and deep fry them.

For Papdi Chaat:

You can either heap all the stuff on individual papdis like it has been done here or you can folow the procedure below

Arrange 4 papdis at the bottom of a shallow serving bowl/cup and crush a few papdis over them

Spread a layer of boiled potatoes and green gram

Spread a layer chopped onions (reserve 1 tbsp) and potatoes

Beat the hung curd and spread a layer of that (Oops! I forgot to click this step!!!)

Follow it up with the green chutney and the sweet and sour chutney

Sprinkle generous quantity of sev on top and reserved onions. Sprinkle some red chilli powder and amchoor powder on top. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve

Click here to see what the other members of BM#16 are doing. 

15 thoughts on “Chaat Platter

  1. Loved reading your write up. Amazing chaat thaali…looks awesome. I haven’t had Rooh Afzah in ages…reminds me of my childhood days. Love it totally…nice!!!

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