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Apple Wafers

I set out on a rather ambitious task yesterday evening – making apple wafers, baked ones at that! I vaguely remembered reading about apple wafers in one participating blogs in one of the previous editions of Blogging Marathon. But my internet connection has been rather tiresome these past few days, meaning I couldn’t search out the how-to for the apple wafers.

Later, when I was telling ma about it, the idea of putting off making these sweet apple chips for lack of a recipe seemed very foolish to me. A writer isn’t worth her blogging salt if she can’t experiment!

I first used a slicer and then a peeler to make real thin slices. It did not make matters any easy that I was popping every other slice into my mouth. I left with just about a dozen or so pieces by the time I laid them between two sheets of fresh kitchen napkins for the excess moisture to be sucked out.

After preheating the oven, I applied the classic cookie baking formula – 180 deg C + 20 mins – to my thin apple slices. A whole lot of waiting (20 mins) later, I confidently looked into the oven, only to find shrivelled pieces that were still not crisp enough! Disheartened, I baked them for 5 more mins. I let the wafers cool down before trying them out and was happy with the result.

I sliced another apple, this time with a knife and the slices, two to three times as thick as that from a peeler and baked in a 180 deg oven for 30 mins straight. They turned out mice and crunchy and reminded me of jackfruit chips and sweet Kerala chips. Next time you crave for either and can’t get hold of them, you know what to do!

These are easy to make, but what seems like a large pile of fresh apple slices yields a much smaller batch of chips. You could eat them as they are or sprinkle them over fruit chats or salads.

Apple Wafers

Thinly slice apples (they must be deseeded. Skins on or off, is your choice)

Dry them between two sheets of clean and dry kitchen towels

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 deg C for 30 mins

Let cool and store in an airtight container


Warm slices right out of the oven will be soft. They turn crisp on cooling


Sending this to Srivalli’s Blogging Marathon and Kids Delight hosted this month by Nupur

9 thoughts on “Apple Wafers

  1. Hey, read all your bakery receipes..simply awesome. Was not sure if convection microwave baked perfect cakes and cookies…will definitely try out. Can you please provide more details on microwave settings used for baking. thanks in advance.

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