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Raisin Sandwich Shortbread

Her hands started to shake and shiver, like those of an impoverished alcoholic waiting to lay his hands on that prized bottle of toddy. Her mom was nervous too. She couldn’t bear to see her daughter rave and rant this way. “Don’t worry my dear. We’ll definitely set things right this evening.”

This could simply be yet another of her mum’s tactics to put off what she’d been begging for, for close to fifteen days. And so, she intensified her shivering act. Her mum took cue and reached straight for her car keys. “Come, let’s do it right away!” And off they drove to, ahem, the supermarket to get foodiliciousnan her baking tray!

I can almost see some readers frowning. Is the attempt so bad? Hey, give me some leeway dears! My first public attempt at, well, non-fiction. Really! As of last weekend, it had been three weeks since I’d baked anything. I’ve come over to my parents’ place for a while and I’d forgotten my baking tray back at home! My hands were itching to bake some cookies and I just couldn’t wait for two more weeks for hubby dear to get my faithful baking buddy from back home.

And off we went to the supermarket and searched and searched, but alas! The baking tray was out of stock. So I settled for the next best option – a cake tin. And thus began the search for a sheet cookie that that could be baked in a cake pan/tin and cut up later. And here’s where I landed and settled on the Raisin Shortbread recipe.

I love the crumbly texture of shortbreads and this one had ingredients that were readily available. The one mistake I made was my baking pan was about half the size of the one suggested in the recipe, so I should have baked it in two batches. I simply made one thick batch and baked it for slightly longer. Mistake. This is kind of a raisin sandwich cookie and because I baked it so thick, the top layer came off in the cookies cut out from the centre, resulting in a bottom layer topped with raisins and a plain top layer. The ones along the border were intact though.

Frankly though, the exposed ones looked prettier and were of the right thickness. But although the cookies were nice and crumbly when eaten warm and fresh, it hardened a bit the next day. I suggest you take care and bake in a right sized tray/tin and bake it for the said amount of time.

This recipe’s a hit though and easy to make and I’m definitely going to try it again, keeping the pan size and baking time in mind next time!

Raisin Sandwich Shortbread Cookies


Butter (unsalted) – 1 cup

Powdered sugar – 1 cup

Refined flour (maida) or All purpose flour – 2 ½ cups

Vanilla essence – 1 tsp

Raisins – 1 cup

Salt – ½ tsp (omit of using salted butter)

Cinnamon & clove powder – ½ tsp


Add flour and salt and keep aside

Beat butter and vanilla extract well

Add sugar, cinnamon & clove powder and beat well till fluffy

Add the flour-salt mix to the butter-sugar mix and mix well using a wooden spatula till the dough starts to come together (it will be somewhat crumbly but come together when pressed hard)

Preheat your oven to 180 deg C

Line your baking pan (a 9×13 inch pan) with aluminum foil and grease it

Divide the dough mixture into two

Spread one half into the pan and press with your fingertips to even out the layer

Sprinkle raisins all over this layer and press gently

Spread the remaining dough mixture over the raisings and press gently with your fingers to set well

Pop the pan into the oven and bake for 30-40 mins (the top will brown slightly)

Take the pan out and put the sheet of cookie on a rack to cool

Cut into squares or rectangles and store in an airtight container

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17 thoughts on “Raisin Sandwich Shortbread

  1. nice write up Nandini, and i know what you mean when someone who loves to bake has to stay away from the oven, the trays, the pantry full of baking goods….but something else also intrugues me…you are on a long holiday at your mum’s place..envy you now even more and didnt i forget to tell that the cookies look superb

  2. They are such fantastic shortbreads. Amazing texture and more than that is the perfect use of raisins there…just phenomenal!!
    Thanks for linking to ‘Cakes, Cookies and Desserts’.

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