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Baked Sprouts Papdi Chat/Baked Poppadoms with Sweet & Sour Sprouts Salad

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 I have a big lot of mixed sprouts sitting in the refrigerator that I had prepared for yesterday’s Mixed Sprouts Adai. Half of the sprouts remained un-ground thanks to my snagged mixer-grinder that can grind only a miniscule quantity of anything these days and I wanted to use up the sprouts before they went bad. I was thinking I’d prepare some sort of fried vadas or bondas using the same, but the health bug hits me bad each time I work with sprouts. They literally reprimand me for not getting the fullest out of them.

I was thinking on these lines when it struck me I could try patting these into thing disks and baking them instead of deep-frying them. I worked around the Masala Biscuit Wafers recipe to come up with a baked sprouts papad. Having shaped them into circles, these looked so like the papdis (cookie-sized poppadoms) used for papdi chat (sweet and sour north-Indian street snack with poppadoms) that I decided I’d make a downright healthy version of the oh-so-irresistible chat item that you could dig into without any guilt. Here goes…

Sprouts wali Papdi / Baked Poppadoms made of sprouts


Mixed sprouts* – 1/3 cup

Whole wheat flour/Atta – 2/3 cup

Butter – 2-3 tbsp

Green chilli – 1 (chopped) or red chilli flakes – 1 tsp

Dried Fenugreek leaves/Kasuri methi/– 2 tsp (You can use any herb of your choice)

Curd – 2 tbsp

Sugar – ½ tbsp

Salt – to taste

*I used a mix of white and black chickpeas, horse gram and green, red and black gram, soaked overnight and kept in an airtight box for a day and a half


Drain and dry sprouts in a clean kitchen towel and grind coarsely

Beat butter, curd and sugar

Add salt, chopped green/red chilli, fenugreek leaves/herbs

Add ground sprouts and mix well

Add the flour a little at a time

Knead a little with your hands to turn out an elastic dough

Preheat oven to 175 deg C

Roll out the dough as thick as a roti/Indian bread and cut into round shapes

Line on a baking tray and bake for 15-20 mins till crisp

Sprouts Wali Papdi Chat/ Poppadoms with Sweet & Sour Sprouts Salad


Sprouts Papdi/Sprouts Poppadoms – 4

Chana/White & Brown chickpea sprouts – ¼ cup

Moong/Green Gram sprouts – ¼ cup

Thick curds/yogurt – 4 tbsp

Jeera powder/Cumin powder – 2 tsp

Red chilli powder – 2 tsp

Green mango powder – 2 tsp

Sev – 4 tbsp

*Green chutney – 4 tbsp

*Khatti-meethi chutney/Sweet & sour chutney – 4 tbsp

Chopped coriander/mint leaves – for garnish

* Recipe at the end


Arrange the papdi/poppadoms on a plate

Heap all three varieties of sprouts on the papdi/poppadoms

Top the sprouts with a tbsp each of green chutney, sweet and sour chutney and yogurt

Sprinkle red chilli powder, jeera powder and green mango powder atop the chutneys

Generously sprinkle sev over all the toppings and garnish with chopped coriander/mint leaves

Tasty and downright healthy sprouts papdi chat is ready!

Alternatively, crush the papdis and line them at the bottom of a shallow bowl. Add all the other ingredients and give it a rough mix. Top with garnish and serve

Green Chutney Recipe

Grind together ½ cup chopped coriander leaves, ¼ cup mint leaves, 1 green chilli (or half if it is too hot), juice of half a lemon and salt with minimal water into a smooth paste

Khatti-meethi chutney/Sweet & Sour chutney

Grind together 1/8 cup of dates and 1 tsp tamarind paste with a little water into a smooth paste

PS: Pls excuse all the shoddy pics today. My SLR battery’s down and this is the best I could manage with the compact

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18 thoughts on “Baked Sprouts Papdi Chat/Baked Poppadoms with Sweet & Sour Sprouts Salad

  1. hey dear u hav become a pro in chalkin out cool recipes n bloggin immaculately too !! i jus can’t think of so many varieties of items which u prepare n i hardly bake nethin !! more fried stuff at my home !! though i don’t get to try out ur recipes much, i enjoy readin them and relish lookin at d invitin pics u post !!
    i love rice sevai and make d instant one sometimes…ur sprouts idea is good…let it give it a try…what surface do u bake it on ? glass utensils ? or do we have it put it on a non-stick vessel on convection made on the lower rack tray ?
    kudos for u gurl…u r goin good !! 3 cheers to my frend nandz !! HIP HIP HOORAY !!

    • Thanks appu! You must bake it on a baking tray only…the non-stick vessel is fine if it came with the oven set and is convection safe. And do make it on 28/29th! Anyway i’ve planned some choco treats for u when ur in chennai 🙂

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