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Most delicious Triple Chocolate Cookies & a subsequent milkshake

I have a major chocolate addiction that I have tried to cure for a really long time but have failed miserably. There’s this friend of mine from Bangalore who made a New Year resolution to stay away from chocolates for a whole year (that was in 2007) and she found that staying away from this sinful stuff was so good at helping her stay disciplined that she hasn’t touched them since!

But my resolve regarding chocolates has never been that strong. So, just over a month after I baked these Chololate peanut butter cookies and vowing to stay away from baking chocolate cookies anytime soon and breaking the vow just two weeks later by baking a large – 2 dozen BIG ones – batch mid-December and thanking the Lord that my nephew (whose birthday it was the next day) walked in just as I was taking the cookies out of the oven and saying he wanted to take them away as a birthday present and me sheepishly, half-gladly, half half-heartedly giving them away, I baked yet another batch of really delicious very chocolate cookies a couple of days ago.

While I was browsing through some blogs looking for a cookie recipe to use up all the pista that came during Diwali but (surprisingly) no one touches, I came across these beautiful-sounding-and-looking chocolate cookies that had melted cooking chocolate and choco nibs (chips) in addition to the usual cocoa powder. They looked so darn tempting that I just had to rush to the kitchen and start off right away.

I have to admit that the dough was the loveliest dough I’ve ever had (in my limited experience!), something I really enjoyed eating as it was as much as I loved the end product. Sadly, I misread one major part while baking, somewhat ruining the lovely cookies they should have been. I baked the dough in tablespoon-sized mounds but for the timing of teaspoon-sized mounds and ended up with a chewy cookie.

It was HEAVENLY and I should have started celebrating there, but I was really looking for a crumbly cookie and baked it once more slightly burning them a little. I really did shed tears then! Who can get over the fact that they had the loveliest possible chocolaty stuff on their hands and messed it up a bit assuming something better was even possible!

But being who I am, I decided I was just not going to offer burnt (if only somewhat) cookies to people or myself. It just did not feel right to mete out such treatment to the really lovely stuff these cookies could have been. So I did the next best thing (imagine wide grin!) I could think of – I blended a few with some milk into a milkshake with a tsp of coffee decoction (you could use instant coffee powder) to bring out the flavour even better, inspired by all the gorgeous looking milkshakes at cafés (think Oreo shakes, Snickers and Mars bar shakes).

(Pst: I know this looks like i took the pic when i was tipsy, i can assure you it is all a fault of my camera angle! But about not getting high on this milkshake, well that’s something i can’t really guarantee 🙂

And I must tell you, cookie milkshakes really are awesome! Unlike usual milkshakes that are one homogeneous blend, cookie shakes are full of character and a variety of textures. This is especially true with cookies that are more grainy rather than ones that melt into a paste into the mouth.

My slightly-burnt-almost-best-double cookie milkshake yielded a concoction with two clear layers – the heavier cocoa milk and the light fine crumbs that wouldn’t blend and rose to the top within 2 minutes of being poured into the glass. Put a straw and drink up the cocoa milk, then use a spoon to eat up the gooey crumbly delight that has settled at the bottom of the glass. You could also spoon a bit of melted chocolate and let it cool down before pouring in the cookie shake for that beautiful three-layer effect. I’d used up all the chocolate for the cookies, so i simply added a couple of drops of water to the cookie powder and spooned the paste at the bottom. Don’t add too much water else the paste will mix with the milkshake when you pour it in. 

The Digestive Marie shake I made right after to check for a layer effect was a different story though. It yielded a smooth shake that tasted exactly like a malt drink (Horlicks, for example). So the layer effect would probably be possible only with tougher cookies, not glucose, melt-in-your-mouth ones. You could probably try stopping a little short of getting a smooth shake; maybe those crumbs will rise to the occasion!

6 thoughts on “Most delicious Triple Chocolate Cookies & a subsequent milkshake

  1. hey nandz,
    ur blog temps me to the limit…its full of choclates n choclaty flavour !! feel like devouring a thick shake right now !! der was a time ven i had memorised the choclate-related menu in Barista n CCD !! it also reminds me of the cookie i had with piping hot choclate sauce at Lakeview, Blore !!
    well unfortunately apart from me, no one at my place likes choclates…so i rarely bake cakes or make cookies though i simply love dem !! if i manage to make it to mras on time to meet u, u better offer me some home-made stuff from one of ur recipes blogger lady !!

    • Hello IIshmael Hall, i made this with a batch of double chocolate cookies. The link to the same is there in the end of the 2nd para of this post. Hope you try it out!

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