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Broccoli Soup

Here’s to a healthy new year!

The headline should actually have read broccoli soup with toasted focaccia bread. I love eating soup with some buttered toast on the side. But you know how thing are with me, I goofed up the focaccia recipe. Basically, it did not even take off well. For starters, you’re supposed to put yeast in warm water for about 10 mins till it froths. Now, mine did not froth up much.

My disaster-recipe-sense should have alerted me right then, but sadly, it didn’t. I should have soaked another batch of yeast before I proceeded, but, guess what, I didn’t! And once you mix this frothy yeasty water with your flour, you get a nice soft dough which must double in size in about an hour. With the yeast-froth not right, I really did not expect it to rise. Nor was there any surprise for me in that department.

But I continued to hope for a miracle in the oven, hoping that the dough would miraculously turn into a nice soft bun of focaccia. But you know how it is. Miracles happen when you work hard enough. And yesterday, I did not, with the bread that it. The soup, however, was a different story altogether.

Nice and creamy and downright healthy! And no cream or butter there, mind you. And so darn easy! You’re never going to pick up that packet of instant Knor or Maggi soup from the supermarket ever again, I can assure you. Just chop up and boil broccoli till tender. Blend well with some of the water to whatever consistency you like best. Add salt and fresh ground pepper. Add a quarter cup of milk and some grated parmesan cheese if you wish and you’re good to go! Eat it with buttered toast like me, if you like it.

Broccoli Soup


Broccoli – 1 head

Salt and fresh ground pepper – to taste

Grated parmesan cheese* – 1-2 tbsp

Milk* – ¼ cup

Note: I added one tiny carrot to increase the quantity of soup and it was a delicious addition. You could also add some sautéed onion and/garlic to add flavour to your soup.

*Milk and cheese are optional


Chop broccoli (and carrots and other veggies if using) into florets and boil till tender

Keep aside some florets and blend the rest well using some of the boiling water and milk (if using)

Add salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Top with parmesan cheese and reserved broccoli florets and serve


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