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Timer Hen assists my Cookie-adventure

Timer guarding her eggs...oops my biscuits!

Today, I’ve got to make an introduction to an entity that will keep me company in most of my future cookery adventures – my new timer hen. It is like an alarm clock that can be set to ring in 0-60 mins. Doesn’t she look cute guarding over my precious jeera biscuits as if they were her eggs.

Timer: "Are these my eggs or your biscuits?" Me: My jeera biscuits, but keep an eye on them all the same."

But I must tell you she isn’t as innocent and sweet as she looks. If you find pics where she is in focus and the dish in question absolutely blurred, she’s to blame! I’m sure she’s had a secret pact with the camera. Whenever I shoot on auto-focus mode, the camera seems to automatically focus on her, be she in the foreground, the background or even in some obscure corner of the frame!

She wants attention all the time! Who cares about cookies, she says

Well, I know I’ve made a shameful confession of resorting to auto-focus every now and then, but that’s how I am. I might take hours (that’s a lie! Make that 10-15 mins!) looking for the right container in/on which to place the preparation and more than that looking for the right mat, table, chair etc to place it on, but suddenly laziness strikes me and I simply change settings to auto! I’ve been hit with this peculiar affliction especially in the last couple of weeks or so, which is why you might find some posts with just one pic or some without any altogether!

Anyway, this timer hen is a recent gift from a friend and I plan to put it to full use! And thanks to it, I HOPE to cut down the number of misadventures (read burnt/overcooked dishes) henceforth. And yesterday, I set off baking a large batch of cookies that I posted about last week (Old Delhi bakery jeera biscuits and the nan-khatai/butter biscuits) to give as new-year gifts to friends. The jeera biscuits are the ones with Timer hen and the ones in the pic below are the Nan Khatai butter biscuits with raisins and blueberries.

The ones in the centre are the raisin butter cookies and the ones in the foreground are blueberry cookies

I know, this looks like a really small batch, but these are the ones left over after whatever i gave away! The only change I made was in the nan-khatai recipe to which I added blueberries in one set and raisins in another set. They do look pretty, but the ones exposed on top become real chewy, so could try to keep these in the centre of the cookie while rolling and flattening them up. Another lesson: Time it correct the first time round and let them stay in the oven for a minute after they are done before you take them out. Plus these tend to harden a bit while cooling so don’t be tempted to bake them for 2 more mins like me and brown them more than necessary


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