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Herbed Toast for a rainy day

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The weather here in Chennai’s been rather good the couple of days. Yesterday, it looked like it would rain, bringing some nostalgic memories of a rainy day back home in Delhi and amma coaxing me to eat some sabudana khichdi. The original has me pushing that plate away and demanding bajjis (pakodas). But the edited version that I have saved away in my memory has me gorging away on the lovely sabudana and sitting next to the window, watching the raindrops and chatting with ma. The nostalgic effect was so strong, I did end up making sabudana in my mum’s style.

Although there were no showers yesterday, the Rain God made up for it by pouring through the night and early in the morning to ensure another lovely day today. Sadly, the packet of sabudana I bought yesterday is over and I’m feeling too lazy to step out. But the mice are having a ball in my tummy and I need something nice and hot and fast to settle them down! Warm buttered toast and some soup will be just perfect, but who’s gonna make that soup for me?

I simply settle for some rasam left over from morning and crisp toast my bread along with some herbs. The rasam and the herbed toast not only did the trick, it did lotsa good. It really made my day, err, early evening, much better! You could also make an impromptu mini pizza like I did. Just add some cheese and whatever veggies you have on a couple of toasted slices and toss them into the oven!

Rasam and Herbed Toast for a Rainy Day


Hot Rasam/soup – 1 cup

Bread slices – a few

Dried herbs* – to sprinkle (I had basil, thyme and rosemary on hand)

Butter/oil – ½ tsp per bread slice

* If you do not have dried herbs use fresh coriander or mint (pudina) leaves. Toast them on a pan on high heat till they turn somewhat dry and crisp


Heat rasam/soup

Apply a little butter or oil on each slice (if you’re using normal bread slices, cut them lengthwise into 3-4 pieces. It’ll make the whole project more fun!

Sprinkle dried herbs on bread and toast till crisp

Slather a bit of butter on the herb toast, dunk into hot soup and ur good to go!

For Impromptu Mini Pizza

Grate some cheese on the herb toast

Top with finely diced veggies of your choice (i used sweet corn, olives, red capsicum and zucchini)

Pop into the oven for a few mins OR keep on a tawa on medium heat and cover with an inverted vessel till cheese starts to melt (keep checking to see that the base doesn’t burn). Should not take more than 3-5 mins

3 thoughts on “Herbed Toast for a rainy day

  1. Wow Nandini 🙂 u have always been a life saver and help me in deciding what to cook. I always wake up thinking what to cook for today and when I check my e-mail there you are 🙂

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