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Crazy Healthy Milkshake — Apple Shake with a Twist

We all go crazy at times and in those fits of looniness, often come up with something that is not so loony after all. Yesterday was one such day. An apple kept staring at me from where it sat on the dining table. All shrivelled up, it looked accusingly at me for the state it had come to. The dirty looks it dealt me with successfully upped my guilt. I had not eaten fruits in close to a week.

Well, since my comeback on blogosphere last week, I haven’t really updated you about my ‘fitness’ levels, rather, the lack of the same. I was involved in a book project where we had some crazy deadlines to achieve that were made crazier still by the showdown accorded to my by my not-so-faithful laptop – it crashed! It didn’t help matters that I was in the midst of consolidating five different versions of the same text worked on in bits and pieces by different people when this happened. The result, thus, was that I ended up, frustratingly enough, having to rework a month-old version of the entire text of the book in less than a week’s time!

This hectic reworking week was followed by a six-day start-to-finish photo-shoot session that meant 12-hour workdays. This was followed by a maddening month that involved constant shuttling between the designer’s office and the printer to ensure the new design that was being tried out could be inked on paper. Boy! Was I glad when the project ended sometime last month!

Ok, now I’ve lost track. Why at all did I start apprising you over this hectic project? Oh yes! I was talking about my fitness schedule. So, thanks to the crazy schedules I kept for close to three months, my yoga, walking and eating patterns all went for a toss. All I’ve managed to get on track from my previous routine is a walk every evening. And my fruit and salad days are quite a thing of the past!

So, it was not too surprising yesterday evening to come face to face with yet another half-decaying fruit on the table. Because although my routine went for a toss, my fruit-buying habits are still intact. It is just that I don’t take efforts enough to consume all that amount of raw anymore.

And so, there was the apple on the table, not so appetising anymore, and it had to be eaten. I thought I’d pulse it into a milkshake with some milk and the unflinching support of the lovely cinnamon powder to spice it up. And that’s when the bout of looniness struck. I added a couple of dates, a few drops of vanilla essence and half a tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder. So far, so good.

Then, while I was about to close the lid of the mixer jar, I was tempted to add some oats as well – the regular Quaker quick cooking white variety. I had been wanting to try adding oats to milkshake for quite sometime. I’ve read many blog posts where yummy mummies prepare the most delicious, yet downright healthy, snacks for their punks and thought I be inspired to do the same for myself. And yesterday I did finally!

But do you think I stopped at that? Nah! Lying next to the box of oats was a small jar of blackberry jam that I’d not used in months. In went two spoonfuls of the sour jam. And what a milkshake it was. A luscious brown-purple in colour and a medley of flavours that really were made for each other with the sour jam adding just that hint of tartness to the milkshake to make it devilishly wonderful! Try it out. By the way, there was no sugar except for whatever was already there in the jam. Absolutely healthy and divine.


Crazy Healthy Milkshake/Apple-Cinnamon-Cocoa-Vanilla-Dates-Blackberry-Oats Shake


(Serves 2)

Apple – 1 (cored, peeled and diced)

Dates – 2 or 2 tsp dates syrup

Cinnamon – 1 healthy pinch

Vanilla essence – ½ tsp

Cocoa powder (unsweetened) – ½ tsp

Oats – 1 tbsp

Blackberry jam – 2 tsp

Milk – 1 cup


Grind everything together, except milk, adding it right at the end for one final pulse

Get Creative: Add a couple of almonds and/or cashew nuts and/or pista

Add a bit of nutmeg instead of cinnamon. Nutmeg tastes wonderful with apple. Cut out dates and add a clove

You could substitute apple with banana, a fruit I think will better adapt to the medley of flavours here

Cut out dates and cinnamon and add some peanut butter and/or Nutella (chocolate-hazelnut cream). Use peanut butter only if you’re using banana, not with apple

Use raisins or figs or any other dried berry or jam instead of blackberry jam

Note: If you don’t have cinnamon/nutmeg/clove powder or only want a mild flavour of the same, you can boil milk with a ½ inch piece of cinnamon/a small bit of nutmeg/a couple of cloves for a few mins. Strain the spices, cool milk and use as required

PS: I did not put up a picture for yesterday’s post (Dal Makhni) because by the time I finished preparing it everyone was so hungry, they just lapped it up. As to why no pic for today’s post, well, it just didn’t strike me (sheepish smile)


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