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Sprouted broken wheat-kala chana dosa with Tomato Thogayal

Lately, I have been rather inconsistent in posting. Reason being, a whole lot of very close friends got married in the last two months and we’ve been kind of busy shuttling around helping them and having fun at the weddings.

Last weekend, one of Ram’s childhood buddies go married in a town called Kumbakonam (around 300 km from Chennai), which is full of and surrounded by some wonderful old temples. We drove down with a few friends, visited lots of temples along the way, took pics, ate like crazy, walked even more and generally had a blast.

The ‘prasadam’ at some temples was mouth-watering and I was tempted to write a post with recipes for some typical temple prasadams – pulikaichal-sadham, sarkkara pongal, kalkandu sadham etc, but I’ve not been able to talk either to my ma or ma-in-law to check for recipes. Expect a post on these lines soon!

Currently, I’m reading a book on Ayurveda-inspired cooking called eating Right theNatural Way– Ayurvedic Recipes for a Healthy Life by Dr Vinod Verma. It is a good read and a treasure trove of simple, but interesting, healthy food.

The author mentions that eating sprouted grains is very good. There is also a recipe for sprouted wheat dosa, which calls for soaking wheat grains till they start to sprout, grinding it afterwards, adding ajwain (omam in Tamil/carom seeds in english), kalonji (karunjeeragam in Tamil/nigella or onion seeds) and salt to the batter and making dosa as usual with this batter.

Since I did not have wheat grains, I soaked broken wheat (dalia in Hindi/godhuma rava in Tamil) in double the quantity of water a couple of days ago. I also soaked some kala chana (small black chick peas/ karuppu konda kadalai in Tamil) so I’d have some sprouts the next day by lunch. While I was getting ready to grind the germinated dalia yesterday morning, my sister-in-law called up to tell me how a mixed  whole grain dosa she’d experimented with turned out tasty and oh-so-easy to make.

She’d soaked whole green gram (hara moong/,pachai payaru in Tamil),  whole black and white chana, whole black gram (kaali urad dal in hindi/ulundu) and rice overnight and ground them along with salt (All these ingredients in their split versions – toor dal, urad dal, chana dal and rice – are soaked for a few hours and ground very coarsely to prepare Adai). Inspired by what she told me, I felt like experimenting too and soaked some toor dal (thuvaram paruppu), moong dal (the split yellow variety) and some uard dal (also split variety) for a few hours in water and ground it along with 2 dry red chillies, the sprouted dalia and the not-yet-sprouted kala chana.

I prepared a few dosais with the fresh batter for dinner for my father-in-law and some for hubby for breakfast this morning with the fermented version of the same. While both were quite nice, I preferred the fermented one as it felt light on the tummy.

To complete the package, I prepared some tomato thogayal (chutney with roasted and ground dal) in exactly the same manner that one prepares coconut thogayal, but replaced coconut with tomatoes. My father-in-law, who usually doesn’t comment much about food, asked what went into the dosa: “It tastes very different and nice”. Need I say any more?


Sprouted Broken Wheat Dosa


Dalia (broken wheat/godhuma rava) – ½ cup (sprouted or soaked overnight)

Kala chana (black chick peas/ karuppu konda kadalai) – a handful (sprouted/soaked overnight)

Toor dal (split pigeon peas/thuvaram paruppu)– 1/3 cup

Moong dal (mung bean/pasi paruppu) – a handful

Urad dal (black gram) – ¼ cup

Dry red chillies/green chillies – 2



Soak dalia and kala chana overnight or till they start to sprout

Soak in water toor, moong and urad dals with chillies for 30 mins to an hour

Grind everything together, adding salt and water as required

Make dosa using the fresh batter or after letting it ferment for a couple of hours


Note: If you want a crisp dosa, grind batter coarsely with minimal water and add a good quantity of oil after spreading batter on the tawa. You can also add some rice soaked for a few hours to the ingredients

If you want a healthier version, grind into a smooth batter and spread into thin discs on the tawa

You can also add whole moong, sprouted or soaked overnight, to the ingredients


Tomato Thogayal


Tomatoes – 4

Chana dal (Bengalgram/kadala paruppu) – 2 tbsp

Urad dal – 2-3 tsp

Red/green chillies – 2

Hing (asafoetida/peringayam) – a big pinch

Oil – 1 tsp


Heat oil and roast dals and chillies till dals turn golden brown and chillies, bright red

Remove the roasted items from pan and add hing and tomatoes (quartered) and sauté on medium heat till tomato skins start to wrinkle

Cool and grind everything together coarsely without adding any water


Note: Pulse in many short bursts instead of grinding at one go otherwise the result will be in puree consistency instead of a thick coarse paste


PS: I do not have any pictures today since it did not strike me at all!


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