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Beating Breakfast Blues with Blue Oats

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If only healthy could be tasty! Wait, let me rephrase it. If only healthy could be as tasty as the not-so-healthy! Have you ever had a bowl of freshly chopped, crunchy raw salad? If not, you must. It tastes absolutely sublime and lovely. But try adding a spoonful or two of your favourite dressing (vinaigrette/thousand island/mayonnaise and pepper powder…yummmm!) and then eat it. Now, this one takes you to another world altogether. Oh! What slaves we are to our tongues! At least, I am one!

I’m such a slave to my taste buds, it is scary! But I prefer to give in to it every now and then to suffering from a backlash in terms of the buds forcing me to pop in an entire packet of chips that has found its way miraculously into my kitchen. I don’t buy chips at all, I swear! It is a conspiracy between the bakery down the road and my taste-buds. They hold secret meetings and fill up the air-tight container with deep-fried potato wafers when I’m mot looking!

So, every now and then, like it has been since last Sunday morning, I’ve been having fun with my bowl of oats during breakfast. I normally eat a biggish bowl of oats kanji (porridge) with very little milk and a tablespoon of honey and I quite like it too. I also eat a serving of whatever fruit we have on hand every morning along with the oats.

But every once in a while, the routine gets boring and I add cocoa powder and/or sugar/jaggery instead of honey to flavour my oats. It so happens that last Saturday, I used up whatever was left in the jar of honey and have been forgetting to replace it since then. I’m not a big fan of sugar and oats sweetened with this refined commodity seems unpalatable to my tongue more than two days in a row. Top it with my forgetfulness and I ended up realising I’d run of out honey only when I reached out for the jar each morning with the cooked oats-bowl on the counter.

And thence started my experiments, with some successful results. The characters required for successful implementation of the blue-breakfast plan:




Blue Blackcurrant Breakfast Oats

(Serves 1)

Blackcurrant preserve – 1-2 tbsp

Oats – 2 tbsp

Milk – ¼ cup

Wire whisk

Cook oats in half a cup or so of water. Let cool

Add fruit preserve and mix well using whisk (since both oats as well as preserve are sticky, it becomes difficult to mix using spoon. Don’t blend with blender because it’ll lose its texture. You can use your hands, if you do not have a whisk)

Add milk, mix well, transfer to a bowl and slurp away!


Nutty Chocolaty Oats

(Serves 1)

Cook 2 tbsp oats in ½ cup of water and cool

Variation 1: Add 1.5 tbsp of peanut butter and 1 tsp of cocoa powder plus sugar to taste to cooked oats

Variation 2: Add 1.5 tbsp of Nutella (chocolate-hazelnut paste) to cooked oats [you might need to use your hands here since Nutella is very sticky]

Once you’ve mixed your choice of flavour well with the oats, add milk and serve


Gooey Banana Oats Milkshake

(Serves 1)

Cook 1 tbsp oats in quarter a cup of water and cool it

Blend half a banana with cooked oats and ¼ cup milk and serve

Variation: You could add 1 tsp cocoa powder and sugar along with the banana


A Date with Oats Milkshake

(Serves 1)

Soak 5-6 dates in ¼ cup of warm milk for 30 mins OR use 2 tbsp of dates syrup

Cook 1 tbsp of oats in quarter cup of water

Once cool, blend cooked oats with dates and milk and serve

Variation: I haven’t tried this, but you could substitute dates with dried (or fresh) figs


PS: Blackcurrant oats porridge and Nutella oats porridge are what you see in the pics


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