just some pics…

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Today, i cooked simple everyday stuff — cauliflower curry, rasam and some salad — and wasn’t up to thinking of some creative way to write about it all. So, I simply shot whatever I’d  prepared in various angles and a couple of nice wooden spoons that my dad got from Africa last year.

When I was done with all of this, I suddenly felt the urge to bake something. Reason being, I did kind of a microwave  exchange offer with my co-sis. She has a nice big microwave-cum-oven (with convection and grill features)but isn’t interested in baking, while I was using a microwave oven, the convection and grill part of which had gone bust.

So, last Sunday, I gave mine to her and brought hers home, on the condition that I bake cakes every weekend and give them to her. Since then, I’ve been itching to start off.  And today, I searched for a simple eggless vanilla cake to start with the basics. Midway through mixing the batter though, i felt the urge to spruce up the ‘plain vanilla’ cake. 

Since there are lots of mangoes at home right now, I pureed the flesh of one and mixed it into the batter. the result is in the pics, but how good or bad it was, well, I’d rather not say! But give me a few more chances, and I’m sure to come up with more decent stuff! In the meanwhile, just enjoy the pics and let me know what you think of them. Not just the pics loaded in today’s post, but in general.

Incidentally, I don’t like using the flash, but somehow, my hand wasn’t steady today and all the pics that I took without the flash seemed a little shaky.

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