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Shakespearean Cooking: Moroccan Orange&Carrot Salad

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“Frailty, thy name is woman!” exclaims Hamlet in the famous soliloquy from Shakespeare’s drama of the same name. Wasn’t there also something in literature that alludes to women being fickle-minded? I racked my brain all this morning, but couldn’t recollect where this quotation comes from.

But wherever it be from, it wouldn’t be altogether wrong to classify me in the second category (and before you’re tempted to ask if I also belong well in the first one, I’ll like to loudly proclaim, NO!). The whole of last fortnight I was sold out on Italian cuisine. I was eating pastas and bruschettas at home, requesting my friends to order pizzas when i went over to their places and at restaurants whenever we ate out.

I was madly and totally in love with the cuisine, so much so that the vegetable compartments of my refrigerator was overflowing with coloured peppers and I was trying my hands on making pesto sauces with every possible combination with tomatoes, olives and what not (incidentally, the pestos were all disasters, in case you’re wondering why they never found a mention on the blog all this while).

But all it took me to change my loyalties was one travel show on a TV channel on Moroccan food. While I was idly surfing channels on Saturday afternoon, an image of a lady whisking around  umpteen things in a bowl caught my attention. I went back to the channel and was scribbling away on the sides of the newspaper lying nearby for the next 20 minutes or so.

Even though I did not have  ingredients  for any of the dishes taught that day — mostly simple salads and dips with everyday ingredients — my hands were itching to try try at least one of those this morning.  After hubby dear had left for work, I quickly changed into a decent pair of pyjamas and a tee and hopped down to my local vegetable vendor to buy some carrots and oranges.

It was such a simple thing to prepare and took me just 10 mins. And my, was it beautiful! The addition of cinnamom was what made all the difference. Although the host called it a salad, I’d like to think of it as dessert.

Moroccan Orange ‘n Carrot Salad


Carrots – 3 (Grated)

Juice of 2 Oranges

Sugar – 1-2 tbsp

Cinnamon powder – 1 tsp


Mix all ingredients and refrigerate for 30 mins before serving

PS: A friend of mine was sweet enough to search out the relevant Shakespearean sonnet (Sonnet 20) I was looking for at the start of this post. Here’s how it goes:

“Hast thou…A woman’s gentle heart, but not acquainted,

With shifting change, as is false women’s fashion.”

Meaning: You have a woman’s gentle heart but are not fickle-minded the way women are known to be


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