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Size Zero Potato Roast

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Ok, I am lying. It is a Size 1. But in terms of the kind of sensations it arouses on the taste buds (what were you thinking??) and the way it compares to other equally tasty but oily potato snacks, this definitely is close to a Size 0. I know you want to give me a lecture on empty carbs in potato, blah blah blah…

But do you really stop with tucking in just two wafers from a packet of chips when no one’s looking? No. You gobble up the entire packet and replace it with another one, open that too and tuck in a few more, just in case someone checks after you! So, stop cribbing about the carbs and try this at home. Btw, you’re planning your mile-long run tomorrow, right?

Anyway, coming back to potato, this really simple and almost oil-free way of roasting potato was introduced to me by my sis-in-law when we’d bought a new non-stick pan. Not that no one knows of cooking oil free on pretty, easy to maintain non-stick cookware, but a refresher course always helps, doesn’t it?

I feel less guilty when I eat potatoes made this way. It satisfies my carb cravings and tastes yum. What more do I want? Well, a double chocolate brownie wouldn’t hurt either. And since I’ve had potatoes roasted in just a wee bit of oil, I’ll happily indulge myself. If you prefer, you can simply load a spoon with some nutella and peanut butter and lick away to glory, like I just did! And for those of you who prefer the carb lecture, well, don’t feel sorry for yourself next time you dunk in French fries…I’ll do that for you!

Size Zero Potato Roast


Baby potatoes – 250 gm

Chilly powder – 2 tsp

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Oil – 1 tsp

Jeera (optinal) – 1 tsp


NON STICK PAN – absolutely essential


Boil and peel baby potatoes, taking care not to mash them up

Heat 1 tsp oil in the non-stick pan (the flatter, the better)

Add jeera, followed by chilli powder a pinch of turmeric

Add potatoes, mix well and reduce to low and let potatoes sizzle for some 30 mins (at least 20 mins)

Keep tossing every five minutes or so

Toss it all into a nice bowl and finish all by yourself

In a month or so, write to me or give me a call to boast about your size 0, all thanks to this one dish!

PS: You can sprinkle dried herbs on top if you want to give it a restaurant feel. I’ve heard rosemary goes well with potatoes…haven’t tried it yet, but let me know if you have.


You can simply dice normal potatoes or cut them up into wedges or into thin strips like French fries. But boil potatoes so as to not let them turn too soft

5 thoughts on “Size Zero Potato Roast

  1. Hi Nandhini, Ramnath and I are big fans of your blog….this dish looks really tempting and going to try this sometime soon….

  2. Stop cribbing about “crabs” in potato!? lol…am sure even u would, if u find them crawling around in yours! :-p

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