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Necessity is the mother of all invention. Whoever came up with this was bang on. Why else would a thirsty youngster shell out 20 bucks to pick up a bottle of fizz-laden empty calories against a bottle of good old H2O? It is for the same reason that someone would come up with the idea of giving a fancy package to the same old H2O, swallow the ‘a’ in aqua and sell the product for 40 bucks and get the same gangly teen to choose Qua over fizz the next time round!

It is this very logic that would prompt a part-timer on a culinary honeymoon to leave all rationale behind and top a small burnt dosa with raw veggies, drizzle some olive oil and mustard sauce, call it the Iyer Bruschetta (and relish it!!) instead of eating the dosa (so what if it be burnt?) with the dependable gunpowder and fresh raw mango pickle.

So, it was my need to cook up something interesting for the blog in the ‘aftermath’ of a not-so-good sambhar and an even-more-ordinary tasting curry this morning that led me to stumble upon the master creation. I know it sounds dangerously close to uthappam with veggies added raw after the dosa was done, but hey, no one thought of coining the term ‘Iyer Bruschetta’!

And why bruschetta? Because my bruschetta hunger was kindled a couple of days ago when a friend of mine made some for me with the limited ingredients that were available then. Since then, i’ve been dreaming of the vegetable-laden garlic toast all the time. (read post CSK win: A case study of bleu cheese and impromptu bruschettas!?)

And the success of the Iyer Bruschetta (I may be no Sanjeev Kapoor running cookery TV, but I am a good judge of food!) went so to my head that I went about designing a bruschetta platter. Let’s call it Nan’s Bruschetta Platter. I must state here that any resemblance, big or small, to existing jam biscuits, cookies and salads are purely coincidental.

Btw, I also made a size-zero potato roast in the morning that was quite yummy. But talking about that recipe will change the tone of this post, so I’ll reserve that for a rainy day.

Nan’s Bruschetta Platter

(Serves one adventurous soul)

For the iyer bruschetta:

Thick small dosa – 1

Chopped coloured capsicum – 1 tbsp

Chopped onion – 1 tbsp

Coriander leaves – for garnish

Mustard sauce – ¼ tsp

Olive oil – ¼ tsp (optional)

Spread mustard sauce evenly on dosa. Arrange chopped veggies. Drizzle olive oil (if using). Garnish with coriander leaves

For the close-to-real bruschetta

Bread/Rusk – 1 (Basically whatever you have on hand. I used milk rusk!)

Mayonnaise – 1 tsp

Coloured capsicum – 1 tbsp

Coriander leaves – for garnish

Spread mayonnaise on the rusk/bread (if using bread, toast it till crisp). Arrange chopped capsicum. Garnish with coriander leaves

For the peanut-butter-nutella bruschetta

Marie biscuit – 1

Nutella – 2 tsp (Nutella is a chocolate-hazelnut paste. You can use jam/fruit preserve too)

Peanut butter – ½ tsp (If using jam, use chopped nuts instead of peanut butter)

Spread Nutella/jam on biscuit. Lob the peanut butter (or chopped nuts) in the middle of the biscuit. Admire contrasting colours

For the platter

Interesting tray/plate – 1

Arrange the bruschettas on the tray. Ready the camera and click some pics. Post on facebook. Badger some friends into ‘like’ing them. Sit back and eat platter to celebrate sweet success!


8 thoughts on “IYER BRUSCHETTA

  1. Hi Nandini,

    Fantaaastic pictures….very nicely composed ones. Looks so yummy!!! Taste????
    Anyway, pat yourself on my behalf.. .:)


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