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CSK win: A case study of bleu cheese and impromptu bruschettas!?

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 The interesting clash between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL season 4 finals yesterday was an awesome treat for me. A group of friends, we’d gone to a resort in Mahabalipuram and enjoyed the match screened by the poolside over good food, drinks and company. Frankly, I did not pay much attention to the screen.

While the ball off Murali Vijay’s bat made a beeline for the boundary every ten minutes or so, I was making trips to the buffet section at an equally alarming frequency. How could I not? The spread was to die for: an interesting assortment of breads and toppings, innovative salads, a good mix of Indian, continental and western food and a never-ending selection of desserts.

The interesting part was the selection of dishes from each of these cuisines – a wonderfully subtle Qubeli  pulao (which I assume is a version of Kabuli/Qabuli pulao), Thai yellow curry, some white sauce-based baked vegetable dish, Hyderabadi vegetable korma and Vengayam thal sadam (rice cooked with spring onions) were some that really caught my eye and my taste buds too!

I also got a chance to sample some unique cheese varieties (bleu cheese, Borsalino cheese) and salad dressing sauces that I’ve only heard of (balsamic vinegar, white wine vinegar, French vinaigrette) but never tried before. My friend Bhavna, whose culinary instincts suddenly took over, prepared an impromptu bruschetta for some of us with the ingredients at the salad bar. (I’ve added her recipe at the end of this post)

But the icing on the cake was curd-rice. Yes, you read it right, curd rice! Never have I enjoyed a dish as I much as I loved curd-rice yesterday. Creamy, not too sour and perfectly spiced, it was just so tasty. It was much later this morning when I was telling my MIL about the curd-rice that the guilt really set in.

“Oh, not only do they cook rice in milk, hoteliers add a healthy dash of white butter for curd-rice!” she exclaimed. Anyway, by then I guess my tummy was done struggling and gave up trying to digest all the ‘fat’ I had gorged on the previous evening. But we all indulge only once in a while, right?  Ok, I’ll work harder at my yoga poses tomorrow (By the way, did mention I skipped yoga this morning because of yesterday’s late night?)

Incidentally, CSK won the match yesterday (PS: This piece of information is to be glazed over by cricket enthusiasts who can reel out the number of boundaries by Murali Vijay yesterday. It was put out just so I do not miss out recording the second victory of the Chennai franchisee at the IPL)

Bhavna’s Impromptu Bruschetta


Two muffin-sized buns with pine nuts

Diced coloured capsicum – ¼ cup

Diced inions and tomatoes –  ¼ cup

A splash each of balsamic vinegar and white wine vinegar


Place sliced bread on a tray

Top with diced veggies

Add a spash each of the vinegars

Sit back and enjoy, preferably with friends for company

While that was how madame Bhavna made bruchetta yesterday, it is ideally made with crisp toasted bread rubbed with raw garlic, topped with chopped onion and tomatoes and dried or fresh herbs with salt and pepper to taste and drizzled over with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Simple, isn’t it?

PS: Coudn’t manage pics of the bruschetta. They were lapped up the minute they landed on the table!


4 thoughts on “CSK win: A case study of bleu cheese and impromptu bruschettas!?

  1. hey,
    u seem to b havin lotsa fun..nice to hear !! i like d manner in which u hav put up the post, makes for an interestin reading !!
    keep up the good food work !!

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